Public engagement

Public Engagement aims to promote the message, teaching, research and values of Queen’s University across the entire political and civic sphere and implements the University’s Social Charter while promoting the values of Queen's locally and globally.

It is the role of Public Engagement to ensure the work of the University is reflected across the community, building relationships with groups, leaders and the culture and arts sectors.

Our main areas


Public Affairs

Public Affairs is the central coordinating hub for the University’s outreach activity with elected political representatives and government.

Public Affairs provides support to senior management and acts as a point of contact for politicians and officials seeking to engage with the University, and as a first port of call for staff who require help with regard to any engagement with elected representatives and government officials.

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Maintaining our relationship with government

Public Affairs coordinates issue-specific lobbying; monitoring of legislative issues; responding to Assembly Questions; preparation of papers and briefings on government business.

The aim is to ensure that the strategic business of the University remains high on the political agenda and that Queen’s continues to play a leading role in shaping the educational, economic, cultural, and social development of Northern Ireland.

Public affairs


Community engagement

Community Engagement aims to enhance relationships between the University and the local community.

The teams works with a range of stakeholders in promoting positive student and community interventions and is also the point of contact for community, civic, voluntary, statutory and other stakeholders seeking engagement with the University on a range of issues.

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Discussing important issues

These issues include implementation of the University Social Charter, educating students on living as part of the community and promoting student volunteering.

Engagement and liaison with our local community and business leaders, managing a programme to promote cultural diversity in the University; liaison with Ulster University and other educational institutions in developing and coordinating schemes and initiatives to improve community relations between students and residents.

In the community

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Business Networking and Engagement

Queen’s University aims to have a strong and productive relationship with the business sector.

We organise a range of events in partnerships with key stakeholders through the Chief Executive’s Club and other impact and networking events.

Public affairs

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In the community

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