Moving Out Advice


  • At the end of the tenancy you should remember to ask for your deposit back (with deductions if there is any damage etc). By law, your landlord should have protected your deposit in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme.  If you do not agree with the amount your landlord wants to pay back to you – you can contact the scheme administrator protecting your deposit and use their free dispute resolution mechanism. Adjudicators will work with you and your landlord to reach an agreement about the amount to be paid back to you.

    For further information, contact Belfast City Council on 028 9091 8715

Throwing out unwanted items?


  • Bulky and Electrical items - These should not be thrown in the general waste bin.  You can also be fined for dumping furniture in alleyways and on the street. Call the Council on 028 9027 0230 to arrange a free collection or take them to the local recycling centre at 8 Park Road Belfast.


  • Protect your Personal Details - Shred paperwork containing your personal details and dispose of it safely. Personal documents left in properties can end up being thrown out and can result in identity theft or even a fine from the council for littering!




Visitors and friends

  • Avoid letting friends use the property when you are not there. You could lose your deposit if they damage the property, or end up with a fine from the Noise Team if a disturbance is reported at your property.
  • Sub-letting - Your landlord contract may prevent you from sub-letting - make sure you check first. You will be liable for damage or unpaid rent.
  • Enjoy the music events in Belfast over the summer by all means but remember you are responsible for your property and all visitors to it.

Tidy up

  • Clear rubbish from front and back yards and make sure you leave your property as you found it. This will increase your chance of getting your deposit back and keep your neighbours happy.

Need advice? 

  • Advice SU is open for drop in sessions on:

                                                                          Mondays         2-4.30pm

                                                                          Wednesdays    2-4.30pm

                                                                          Fridays            9.30am-12 noon

          Or you can arrange an appointment by emailing 

                                                                                       Enjoy the summer break!