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Peter Moor, BA English and Linguistics

Eating at Queen's: The best places to eat in and around the university

2/03/2017 - Having now been at Queen's for 6 months, I feel that I'm pretty well placed to give you an insight into some of the many excellent culinary establishments in and around the university.

Shona McCotter, International Business

My year in Barcelona; an international placement

28/02/2017 - My name is Shona McCotter and I’m a student here at Queen’s studying International business with Spanish.

Hannah Conlon, Study Abroad Student

My experience of Studying abroad with Study USA

20/02/2017 - Challenging. Rewarding. Unique. I first discovered the Study USA opportunity through the British Council’s Facebook page and flyers posted around the PFC at Queen’s.

Calista Arthey

Top 5 things to bring with you to University

20/02/2017 - Moving away from the familiar comfort of home and recognisable streets of your home town is a pretty scary experience. However, bringing the right things with you can take some of the anxiety away when you arrive.

Meg Walton, Business Management

A student guide to budgeting

14/02/2017 - So, leaving home and becoming independent is expensive. Before starting university, you do not realise how much you rely on your parents at home, even just by them putting food on the table and paying for rent and electricity.

Meaghan Gallagher-Stack, Study Abroad Student

From UMass to Belfast: A semester of study abroad at Queen's University

8/02/2017 - Hiya! (as they say in Belfast)! After a whirlwind first week of jet lag, pub crawls, curry and lots of craic – I have time to reflect on the first leg of my journey.

Peter Moor, English with Linguistics

Back to Elms – My Journey Over the Irish Sea

31/01/2017 - I’ve just arrived back at Elms Village from my Christmas break to shouts of “what’s the craic?” and “what about ye?” from flatmates.

Harriet Moore, BDS Hons Dentistry

Why Elms Village is the best place to live in Belfast (from someone who left)

3/02/2017 - It just is. But trying to put it into words is hard. Sometimes, you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone (they paved paradise, and put up a parking lot).

Calista Arthey, History & Archaeology

Living in Elms: Queen's student accommodation

26/01/2017 - Moving away from home and settling into new surroundings is often a daunting and worrying event.

Alishia O'Boyle, Law LLB

A week in the life of a law student at Queen's

23/01/2017 - When people ask me what degree I’m doing, and I say ‘law’ I suddenly get the daunted look or the ‘wow’ expression.

Rhianne Morgan, History (Masters)

Five reasons I chose Queen's to study an MA in History

16/01/2017 - Making the decision of what course and what university to attend is a life changing one. It can be a daunting task but also an exciting one.

Calista Arthey, History & Archaeology

My first semester of History and Archaeology

13/01/2017 - So my first semester has, perhaps too swiftly, come to an end.

Meg Walton, Business Management

Christmas and Thanksgiving in Belfast: Celebrating away from home

9/01/2017 - So, despite being so far away from my ‘home-home’, I can now call Belfast a new ‘(temporary) home’.

Trent Lee, Law LLB

Top 10 things a North American student should bring to the UK

19/12/2016 - Going to uni for the first time or moving abroad can be pretty exciting, and sometimes stressful if you aren't prepared. Lucky for you, you’ve got someone who’s already gone through the TSA process and single cabin luggage packing challenges.

Alishia O'Boyle, Law LLB

A trip to the Naughton Gallery

19/12/2016 - On the 8th of December, I visited the Naughton Gallery at Queens for the first time. It was a refreshing new experience as I had never actually visited a gallery before although it was on my ‘to do’ list.

Alishia O'Boyle, Law LLB

The Difference Between School and University

13/12/2016 - Throughout sixth form, I always used to hear the same comments by teachers – ‘this is sixth form now, the spoon feeding is over’ which more or less translated to stop being lazy and do the work yourself this time round.

Calista Arthey, History & Archaeology

Starting University with mental health issues

5/12/2016 - Mental health problems are becoming an increasing issue for young adults across the world, and these issues can have a significant effect on life at university.


Autumn Adventures: Belfast and Beyond

29/11/2016 - Hey guys, so here's my second blog on my Autumn Adventures which include Halloween, Dublin and the Christmas markets!

Alishia O'Boyle, Law LLB

My last minute journey to Belfast after clearing and adjustment

28/11/2016 - Coming through adjustment, especially being the only student in my school to do so that year, was a pleasantly surprising but simple process which led me to where I initially wanted to be in the first place – Queen's.

Sarah Tyler, Irish Studies Summer School

My Summer at Queen's

24/11/2016 - I attended Queens University Belfast for their Summer Institute for Irish Studies and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Calista Arthey, BA History & Archaeology

7 ways I cope with student stress

21/11/2016 - With a hundred thoughts pacing through my head, I glance at my calendar once again – 3 deadlines next week. 3 essays from 3 modules. All 2000 or 3000 words each...

Meg Walton, BSc Business Management

Life in Belfast: My first few weeks at Queen's

21/11/2016 - Apart from a little bit more rain compared to what I am used to at home, I couldn’t have imagined a friendlier environment.

Rhianne Morgan, MA History

Moving in and a trip to the Titanic: My first few weeks in Belfast

22/11/2016 - So this is my first blog entry and it only seems right to speak about my move to Belfast and what I was up to the first two weeks. So here's goes...

Alishia O'Boyle, LLB Law

Belfast to the Isle of Man: Heading home for Bonfire Night!

14/11/2016 - So here I am, about to set off home to the Isle of Man for the weekend. Can’t say I’m not ecstatic to get a cup of tea which I haven’t had to make, or food for that matter.

Alishia o'boyle profile photo

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