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Alishia O'Boyle

LLB Law | 1st Year | Isle of Man

I was born in Cardiff, Wales and lived there until I was 4 years old. We then (mum & dad) moved to the Isle of Man! I now have two younger brothers, who are 8 & 12. Hobby wise, I enjoy cycling, tennis and netball - I enjoy walking too but that's usually done with an Instagram photo opportunity in mind!

I decided to do Law from watching a TED talk on human rights in Afghanistan and how women's human rights are exploited. I hope to work for the UN after graduation and hopefully make a difference in the world (as cliche as it sounds).

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Rhianne Morgan

MA History | Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taff, South Wales

I am a welsh wanderer with a wealth of worldly wisdom, currently taking a stop off in Northern Ireland. I am an aspiring historian currently studying an MA specialising in Modern British History at Queens. When struggling to write this bio, I asked my friends to describe me in three words... "Smart, sharp and sassy" was their verdict. However, I shall leave it up to you guys to decide.

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Meg Walton

Business Management | 1st year | Canterbury, England

I am 19 and I am a first year student studying Business Management. I am from Canterbury in England so moving over to Belfast for four years was a big move. Although, having just returned from a year travelling around the world, it gave me a good insight to life away from home. I am passionate about cooking and I am into fitness and swimming, I was part of a synchronised swimming team for ten years.

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Calista Arthey

History and Archaeology | 1st year | Colchester, England

18 year old student who came from England to study at Queen's - I study my passions (History and Archaeology!) and am also an exhibited artist and writer. Lover of the old-fashioned, and serial avoider of the gym. Play pool with my friends an incredible amount since I moved, yet I still manage to be a absolutely terrible player.

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Trent Lee

LLB Law | 1st Year | Montréal, Québec, Canada

Hey I’m a self-imposed exile blogger from Canada covering mostly arts, culture, fashion, and politics. I study law now at Queen’s after reading Aristotle’s Republic and Cicero’s De Officiis in high school. 

I enjoy writing, photography, travel, hiking, outdoor EDM parties and the occasional protest. My life philosophy is ‘Hope for the best, plan for the worst.'

Follow me on Snapchat and Instagram @trentslee.

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Harriet Moore

3rd Year Dentistry | Buckinghamshire, England

I grew up on a farm in England with my ten brothers and sisters and thousands and thousands of pigs. I like to think that my time at QUB has refined me. After always feeling inspired by my Northern Irish heritage, I came to Queen’s back in 2011 to study Biomedical Science and am now half way through my second degree in Dentistry.

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