Election of Support Staff to Membership of Senate

Declaration of Result

In accordance with the Regulation for the Election of Six Members of Staff to Membership of Senate, a by-election was conducted to fill a vacancy that arose in the Support Staff constituency.

Nominations for this vacancy closed on Tuesday, 3 May 2016, and the number of persons nominated was greater than the number of vacancies to be filled. An election was, therefore, held in accordance with the relevant Regulation, and on the principle of proportional representation, with each member of the electorate having a single transferable vote.

Following the close of polling on Sunday, 29 May 2016, the votes were collated and counted. The total number of valid votes cast was 461 and the quota was 231.5.

Candidates received the following first preference votes:

Abu-Khiran, Eyad 174 votes
Kearns, Jacqueline 146 votes
Mahon, Lynda 102 votes
Wiggins, Jason   39 votes

Following the transfer of votes from eliminated candidates, the following candidate was deemed elected on the fourth count:

Abu-Khiran, Eyad

A full analysis of the election results is available from Damien Corridan (Returning Officer) at

If you have any further queries relating to this election, you may contact the Returning Officer.