Subject and support talks

Subject Talks

Talks take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday unless stated otherwise


Room Number


Accounting PFC.0G.024 11.30am,1pm 
Actuarial Science and Risk Management PFC.0G.024 11am,12.30pm
Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Product Design Development Ashby Building, ASH/01/005 11.30am, (12.30pm - Thursday and Friday only)
Agricultural Technology PMI.GF04  11.30am, (12.30pm - Thursday and Friday only)
Anthropology and Ethnomusicology PFC.03.011 11am, 12pm
Archaeology and Palaeoecology 42 Fitzwilliam Street, Room G43 10am
Architecture 15 Chlorine Gardens 11am, 1pm
Astrophysics at Queen's Maths and Physics Teaching Centre OG/017 11am
Biological Sciences - (inc. Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Marine Biology, Microbiology and Zoology) Medical Biology Centre/0G/046NT 10.30am,12pm
Biomedical Science (includes Human Biology) Medical Biology Centre/0G/008AST 11am
Broadcast Production Queen's Film Theatre (QFT) SCREEN 2 10.45am, 11.45am
Business Management PFC.02.026 11.30am,1pm 
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering David Keir Building, DKB/0G/115 12.30pm
Civil Engineering David Keir Building, Room 0G.012 11am, 12pm
Computing Computer Science Building, Interactive Lecture Theatre/02/027 10.30am, 1pm, (11.45am - Thursday & Friday only)
Criminology Lanyon North OG.074 10.30am, 11.30am
Dentistry Medical Biology Centre/0G/008AST 12pm
Drama Studies Queens' Film Theatre, Brian Friel Theatre 10.30am,11.30am
Economics and Business Economics PFC.02.026 10.30am, 12pm
Electronics and Electrical Engineering Computer Science Building, Interactive Lecture Theatre, 02/017 11am, 12pm
English PFC.02.018 10.30am, 11.15am
Environmental Management Medical Biology Centre/0G/208 10.30am,11.30am,12.30pm
Environmental Planning David Keir Building, DKB/O3/010 10.30am, 12pm (1pm - Saturday only)
Film Studies and Production Queen's Film Theatre (QFT) SCREEN 1 TBC
Finance PFC.0G.024 10.30am, 12pm
Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition & Food Science and Food Security Medical Biology Centre/OG/120 10.30am, 11.30am
French, Irish, Spanish, Portuguese PFC.02.017 10.30am, 11.15am


Geography Building, Elmwood Avenue, Room 0G/029 10.30am, (11.30am - Thursday and Friday only)
History: Modern and Ancient History PFC.03.030 10.30am, 11.30am
International Business with a Modern Language PFC.02.026 11am, 12.30pm
International Politics and Conflict Studies PFC.02.011 11.30am, 1pm 
Irish, Spanish, French, Portuguese PFC.02.017 10.30am, 11.15am
Law PFC.0G.007 11.15am
Mathematics Maths and Physics Teaching Centre, Room 0G.017 10.30am, (11.30am - Thursday and Friday only)
Mathematics - Machinegun Jetpack (Interactive Session) Maths and Physics Teaching Centre, Room 0G.017 12pm - Thursday and Friday only
Mathematics and Physics Maths and Physics Teaching Centre, Room 0G.017 11.30am - Saturday only
Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Product Design Development Ashby Building, ASH/01/005 11.30am, 12.30pm
Medicine Medical Biology Centre/0G/008AST 11.30am
Music Degrees: Music, Performance, Audio Production, Composition and Sounds Design, Audio Engineering
(Tours of the Music Building and SARC will be available after each talk.)
Music Building, Harty Room 10am, 11.30am
Nursing and Midwifery
(followed by an optional tour)
Medical Biology Centre/0G/046NT 11am, 12.30pm
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
(followed by optional tours/demos)
PMI.GF04 10.30am
Philosophy PFC.02.013 10.30am, 12pm
Physics (The Science of Science Fiction) Maths and Physics Teaching Centre, Room 0G.017 1pm - Thursday and Friday only
Physics: Theoretical Physics Maths & Physics Teaching Centre, Room 0G/017 12.30pm - Thurs & Fri Only
Physics at Queens Maths & Physics Teaching Centre, Room 0G/017 10am, (12pm - Thursday and Friday only)
Politics PFC.02.025 10.30am, 12pm
Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) PFC.02.025 11am, 12.30pm
Portuguese, Spanish, French, Irish PFC.02.017 10.30am, 11.15am

Product Design Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and  Mechanical Engineering

Ashby Building, Main Lecture Theatre (ASH/GM/001) 11.30am, 12.30pm
Psychology David Keir Building/0G/533 10.30am, 11.30am
Social Work PFC.0G.007 12.30pm
Sociology, Social Policy and Sociology with Quantitative Methods Lanyon North,  11am, 12pm
Spanish, French, Irish, Portuguese PFC.02.017 10.30am, 11.15am
St Mary's University College Physics Building, Larmor Lecture Theatre 12.15pm
Stranmillis University College Physics Building, Larmor Lecture Theatre 10.30am
Theology PFC.03.006A 12.15pm

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Finding your way around

Shortened Building Names

Below is a list shortened building names you may come across:

  • PFC - Peter Froggatt Centre
  • PMI - Pharmacy and McClay Institute
  • QFT - Queen's Film Theatre
  • DKB - David Keir Building
  • SARC - Sonic Arts Research Centre

Understanding room numbers

A quick breakdown of what room numbers at Queen's mean:


  • DKB - The building; in this case the David Keir Building
  • 0G - the floor; 0G means this room is on the ground floor
  • 115 - The room number; this will be room 115 on the ground floor

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