Baggage allowance

If you have booked your air travel with connecting flights to one of the Belfast airports your baggage allowance should be the same for your entire journey.

However, if your flight lands in Britain and you transfer to another domestic airline that you have booked separately you may be subject to a reduced baggage allowance and have to pay additional excess charges.

Please check all baggage allowance conditions (including size and weight restrictions) before you leave home. You will need to be able to lift your luggage onto connecting road/rail transport and upstairs.

Not all private-sector or University accommodation has lifts (elevators). Remember when you are packing that by the time you arrive in Belfast you will have carried your luggage a long way. What seems light at home will probably feel very heavy by the time you arrive.

If you need to bring more luggage to the UK, consider arranging to send your remaining possessions to Belfast once you have moved into your permanent accommodation.

Lost or delayed luggage

Sometimes baggage can get delayed and it might have to be forwarded to you. If your luggage is lost or delayed you should contact the information desk at the airport who will take your details and a forwarding address. If you are staying in Queen’s residences, you should give Elms Village Reception as your contact. Their address is:

Elms Village
78 Malone Road

Tel:+44 (0) 28 9097 4525

If you are not staying in University accommodation, you should arrange to have your luggage delivered to your new address or to your temporary accommodation. If you are staying in a hostel or hotel, you will need to inform their reception that you are expecting to have your luggage delivered.

Will I need to pay tax on personal goods I bring into the UK?

You can find out whether you might need to pay tax by putting ‘Travel into the UK’ into the search facility on the website organisations/hm-revenue-customs

Are there things which I cannot bring in my luggage?

For details of goods which are restricted or prohibited from the UK visit https:// Or duty-free-goods/banned-and-restricted-goods

Do not pack any sharp objects in your hand luggage (e.g. scissors, metal nail files) and remember to check the safety rules and luggage regulations of the airline(s) you are travelling with.

What should I pack in my hand luggage?

All important documents should be carried with you in your hand luggage including:

  • Your passport
  • Original academic qualifications certificates
  • CAS Statement
  • ATAS certificate (if required)
  • Proof that you will have the money to pay your fees and to support yourself while living and studying in the UK - please note that this applies to non-EU/ EEA/Swiss students. If you are an EEA national it is unlikely that you will have to prove this.
  • University accommodation contract (if applicable)