Fees and Living Costs

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Study Abroad Programme

Fees and Living Costs

Queen's offers lower tuition fees and living expenses than many other similarly well-regarded UK universities.


Study Abroad students receive a 10% discount on the tuition fee payable by international students on full degree programmes.

The Study Abroad tuition fee rates for classroom based courses are as follows:


2015-2016 - (£ sterling)
2016-17 - (£ sterling)

Full Year



Semester 1 (full semester or up to Christmas)



Semester 2



Students enrolling on courses in Science and Engineering, or through collaborative agreements, may be liable to pay a higher fee.

Single semester students are required to pay the full amount on arrival, before completing registration.  Payment options for full year students are detailed here.

Financial Aid

The University does not offer scholarships to Study Abroad students.  However, Queen’s University is recognised by the US Department of Education as a participant in the Federal Direct Loan Program.  Under US Department of Education regulations, loans for Study Abroad students must continue to be processed by the home university, so you should contact the Financial Aid Office at your home university for further guidance. The Financial Aid Office at your home university will need to liaise with the Exchange and Study Abroad team at Queen's for confirmation of the costs of the Study Abroad programme (email

Cost of Living

Northern Ireland is recognised by the British Council as having the lowest cost of living in the UK.  We estimate, as a guide, that you should allow approximately £7500 to cover your personal expenses for one academic year (in addition to tuition fees).

Rates for University accommodation can be found in the Stay at Queen's Accommodation website.


What are the costs?





One Semester/Term 5,950 8,449 11,246
1 Academic Year 11,900 16,898 22,491


Non-catered accommodation 94 per week 133 per week 178 per week
Non-catered accommodation with ensuite
112 per week 159 per week 212 per week
Application fee/Damage deposit 300 426 567


Food 50 per week 71 per week 95 per week
Personal Expenses e.g. entertainment,
clothes (depending on social life)
40 per week 57 per week 76 per week
Books - Can be borrowed from the Library for two
weeks or overnight, or bought (reasonably
priced University Bookshops)
10 per week 14 per week 19 per week
Local Transportation
(Costs Minimal, as QUB is a campus university)
5 per week 7 per week 9 per week
Cost of a standard return train journey to
Dublin (2 hours)
34 48 64
Cost of an average return flight to London (1 hr)** 54.98 78.07 103.91
McDonalds Hamburger 0.89 1.26 1.68
Gym membership based on student off peak
monthly membership – payable per month
15 per month 21 per month 28 per month
One off administration fee for monthly
15 21 28
Student Cinema Ticket with Odeon Student
VIP Card (lowest price ticket)
3.25 4.62 6.14

*All fees are payable in £ sterling. Approximate equivalencies are shown at the following rates (October 2016) US$1.23 = £1 Can$1.89 = £1

** Based on Easyjet flight from various London airports to Belfast International lowest published fare between Jan and June 16

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