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unforgettable experiences

We’ve designed our summer schools to inspire you.

In four short weeks, and while exploring the history and mysticism of Northern Ireland, students get to learn through interesting, dynamic and interactive lectures and discussions.


taught by world-leading scholars

Whether learning about Irish Studies or Conflict Transformation, you'll be interacting with some amazing academics.

It’s an exciting opportunity to learn from real people, including musicians, poets and politicians, with first-hand experience - and to open your eyes to lots of different possibilities.

International Summer School on Conflict Transformation

The Conflict Transformation and Social Justice Summer School is your chance to experience one of the UK's top universities. Our bespoke interdisciplinary course is taught by world-leading academics located in a society emerging from conflict, allowing you to immerse yourself in a topic and see the subject from a number of different viewpoints

The Conflict Transformation and Social Justice Summer School will provide students with a critical overview of approaches to conflict resolution, from world-leading scholars and practitioners. Those teaching on the Summer School will draw upon rich research experiences both in Northern Ireland and across the globe.

Areas of study

This is a unique and innovative interdisciplinary school, taught by world-leading academics and located in a society emerging from conflict.

Drawing from our experience in Northern Ireland and case studies from across the globe we will examine:

  • Conflict Transformation in local and global perspective
  • Religion and Peacebuilding
  • Intervention and Integration
  • Transitional Justice
  • Human Rights and Social Justice
  • Cross-border Co-operation
  • Discourses and Dialogue in Conflict Transformation
  • Representing and Dealing with the Past
  • Research Methods and Ethics in Conflict Transformation
  • Policing and Securitization

Conflict transformation

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International Summer School on Irish Studies

Sarah Tyler, Irish Studies Summer School

My Summer at Queen's

24/11/2016 - I attended Queens University Belfast for their Summer Institute for Irish Studies and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

From 2017 our International Summer School moves from a three-week to a fully accredited four-week programme. It continues to run in association with our succesful Fulbright Commission Summer Institute

Participants of all ages (18+) and from a wide variety of backgrounds are welcome. Our participants have been Administrators, Teachers and Professors as well as Undergraduates and Postgraduates, as well as those who simply have a passion for Irish history and culture. Lectures and seminars are given by internationally-acclaimed scholars on various aspects of the study of Ireland, including literature, history, politics, anthropology, geography, film and theatre, language and music, and the programme include a series of field trips to sites across Northern Ireland.

The Summer School dates for 2017 will be Monday 26 June 2017 to Friday 21st July.

Areas of study

  • The history of the people on our land
  • Ireland's place in the world
  • The extraordinary and powerful history of migration and diaspora
  • The turbulent, intertwined and sometimes creative relationships between Britain and Ireland
  • The specific part played by the north, particularly Belfast and Derry/Londonderry, in our history
  • Language, literature, music, dance and art
  • Conflict and peace
  • Heritage, identity and varieties of Irishness

Irish Studies

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