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Queen’s University Belfast provides NHS with protective facemasks

RESEARCH | 26 March, 2020

Academic researchers at Queen’s University Belfast are pursuing two parallel technologies to help meet the demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the fight against the coronavirus.

corona virus under a microscope

Queen’s University Belfast awarded grant to find COVID-19 treatment

Coronavirus | 23 March, 2020

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have been awarded a grant of £295,626 in a bid to find a treatment for COVID-19.

Lanyon 20.07.2018 from a distance

Queen’s University announces further COVID-19 measures

CORONAVIRUS | 20 March, 2020

In order to alleviate some pressure and anxiety for students in what are unprecedented times with the outbreak of COVID-19, Queen’s University has announced a number of measures today.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Coronavirus | 19 March, 2020

Hear from our President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ian Greer as he addresses the university community.

Study shows how unique global collaboration has doubled cancer research, saving thousands of lives

Health | 9 March, 2020

A new study led by Queen’s University highlights how invaluable cross-border collaboration is to enhance research, leading to improved cancer care.

Qulture Night is back for 2020

4 March, 2020

One of Queen’s University Belfast’s best loved annual events is back for 2020. Qulture Night, organised by the Queen’s International Students Society (QISS), will take place on 4th March 2020, in the Whitla Hall.

Researchers develop new coating to reduce pain and risk of infection for catheter users

RESEARCH | 5 March, 2020

Researchers from the School of Pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast have developed a new antimicrobial coating which can be applied to urinary catheters to significantly reduce pain and lower the risk of infection.

Queen’s Opens World-Class Hockey Facility with Hosting of Irish Senior Women’s Olympic Training Camp

SOCIETY | 2 March, 2020

Queen’s University Belfast will hit fever pitch this week with the official opening of a new world-class hockey facility during an Irish Senior Women’s Hockey Olympic training camp at Queen’s Sport Upper Malone.

Plasma picture

‘Game-changing’, powerful plasma accelerator now closer to becoming a reality

Science | 27 February, 2020

The conclusion of a major international design study brings a plasma accelerator closer to becoming a reality, having potentially revolutionary implications for scientific research, and medical practices.

Research shows significance of native predators to naturally restore ecosystem

Science | 26 February, 2020

A new research study led by Queen’s University highlights the crucial role that recovering native predators can play in conserving the natural ecosystem.

Lanyon cool clouds july2018

English Heritage visits Queen’s

RESEARCH | 26 February, 2020

Queen’s recently hosted English Heritage - one of the UK’s leading cultural and heritage organisations – as part of a visit to look at how best the organisation can engage with our academics and researchers.

Prestigious UK Honour for Queen's University's Shared Education

UNIVERSITY NEWS | 21 February, 2020

Queen's University Belfast has been awarded the prestigious Queen's Anniversary Prize for the seventh time, for its work on Shared Education.

ARK 20

ARK hosts 'Is the UK stronger or weaker after 20 years of devolution' at Queen's

SOCIETY | 20 February, 2020

To mark the 20th anniversary of ARK the seminar 'Is the UK stronger or weaker after 20 years of devolution' recently (19 February) took place at Queen’s University.

Dr Sarah Miller 1600x767px

Queen’s academic appointed to Government What Works Trial Advice Panel

SOCIETY | 20 February, 2020

Queen’s academic, Dr Sarah Miller has been appointed to the What Works Trial Advice Panel (TAP) to improve the quality and quantity of impact evaluation across central government in the UK.

Housing overcrowding in parts of London and South East England soars to 40-year high

SOCIETY | 19 February, 2020

Overcrowding in housing in parts of London and the South East of England is worse now than at any other period in 40 years, according to research by Queen’s University Belfast.

Queen’s and Ulster awarded £2.1million for state-of-the-art high performance computing facility

UNIVERSITY NEWS | 17 February, 2020

Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University have been awarded a major grant of £2.1million for a state-of-the-art computing facility.

New research suggests climate change could reduce lifespan among hundreds of species

ENVIRONMENT | 14 February, 2020

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast and Tel Aviv University in Israel have carried out one of the most comprehensive studies to date to better understand what affects life expectancy among all living vertebrates in the world.

Dr Anita Sands delivered the Mary McAleese Diversity Lecture at Queen’s

SOCIETY | 13 February, 2020

Global technology and business leader Dr Anita Sands recently delivered the Queen’s Management School Mary McAleese Diversity Lecture, in association with the Chief Executives’ Club at Queen’s.

Queen’s research indicates clear link between meditation and stress reduction

Health | 10 February, 2020

New collaborative research at Queen’s University and Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia aims to better understand the link between meditation and improved mental health outcomes.

Researcher creates drone system to give early warning on natural disasters

5 February, 2020

A researcher at Queen’s University Belfast has invented a low cost telecommunication system using drones which provides early warning on natural disasters and acts as a wifi ‘hotspot’ when phone signal is disrupted during extreme weather.

Public to help researchers capture largest ever movie of the changing night sky

6 February, 2020

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast are looking for UK citizens to help contribute to world-leading research on capturing the largest ever movie of the changing night sky.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast

UK cyber security sector worth £8.3 billion, research by Queen’s University Belfast reveals

5 February, 2020

The UK’s cyber security industry is now worth an estimated £8.3 billion, with total revenues in the sector up 46 per cent since 2017, research from Queen’s University Belfast has revealed.

Researcher develops algorithm to make artificial intelligence fairer

29 January, 2020

A researcher from Queen’s University Belfast has developed an innovative new algorithm that will help make artificial intelligence (AI) fairer and less biased when processing data.

The sun as we've never seen it before - clearest and most detailed images of the Sun revealed

30 January, 2020

The clearest and most detailed images of the Sun have been captured by the largest telescope in the world.

Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier delivers the William J. Clinton Leadership lecture at Queen's

UNIVERSITY NEWS | 28 January, 2020

Michel Barnier delivered the William J. Clinton Leadership lecture at Queen's University.

Shocking truth behind Takabuti’s death revealed

27 January, 2020

Takabuti, the famous ancient Egyptian mummy on display at the Ulster Museum, suffered a violent death from a knife attack, a team of experts, including Queen’s University Belfast academics, have revealed.

Queen’s research develop tool to tackle diet epidemic in India

HEALTH | 23 January, 2020

New research led by Queen’s University Belfast aims to better understand the link between diet and disease in India.

Photo: Professor Ian Greer and Professor Máire O'Neill

World leading cybersecurity expert assigned Regius Professorship

27 January, 2020

World leading cybersecurity expert Professor Máire O’Neill has been assigned a rare and prestigious Regius Professorship by the Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast.


JAM at Queen’s awarded Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation funding to “unlock hidden talent"

SOCIETY | 20 January, 2020

Queen’s Junior Music Academy (JAM) has been successful in the latest round of funding by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, one of Britain’s leading charities supporting the arts and music.

PHOTO: Dr Okan Yurduseven

Ground-breaking research could lead to safer and faster security scanners at airports

16 January, 2020

Airport security queues could be slashed and screening for weapons could become much more effective after Queen’s University Belfast researchers have been awarded £1 million to develop a ground-breaking solution.

Photo: Belfast Climate Commission launch

Queen’s and Belfast City Council launch the Belfast Climate Commission

ENVIRONMENT | 10 January, 2020

Queen’s University Belfast and Belfast City Council have today (Friday 10 January, 2020) launched the ‘Belfast Climate Commission’, to drive action on the climate crisis.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast

Queen’s celebrates 70th Anniversary of the Helen Ramsey Turtle Scholarship

EDUCATION | 9 January, 2020

Queen’s University Belfast recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Helen Ramsey Turtle Scholarship, and launched the 2020 call for scholarship applications.

Photo: Rakuten launch

Queen’s University and Rakuten Mobile to set up Edge Computing hub in Belfast


Rakuten Mobile, Japan’s newest mobile network operator, is collaborating with Queen’s University Belfast to set up an Edge computing hub, which will be based in Belfast.

Queen’s to host second TEDx event at the University

SOCIETY | 8 January, 2020

Queen’s University Belfast - with event corporate partner PwC – is to host its second independently organised TEDx event, where participants will include current staff and students of the University, along with a number of graduates.

Brain tumour research could help future precision medicine

HEALTH | 7 January, 2020

New research on brain tumours could improve patient diagnosis and treatment options as part of a precision medicine approach.

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton appointed Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast

INTERNATIONAL | 2 January, 2020

Queen's University has announced the appointment of Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton as its new Chancellor.  

New research shows e-cigarette vape increases harmful lung bacteria

HEALTH | 18 December, 2019

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast have discovered that bacteria often found in the lungs became more harmful and caused increased inflammation when they were exposed to e-cigarette vape.

Queen’s students attend Sakharov Prize Ceremony at the European Parliament

CULTURE AND ARTS | 19 December, 2019

Students from the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast recently attended the Sakharov Prize Ceremony at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Reduce Plastic Waste in Schools Launched at Queen's

10 December, 2019

A new competition which seeks to encourage primary schools to develop new ways to manage and recycle their plastic waste has recently launched at Queen's.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast

UK and China universities collaborate in advanced smart technology

27 November, 2019

An innovative engineering academy, which brings together students from universities in the UK and China, has been held in Chongqing University as part of their week long 90th anniversary celebrations.

Leftover grain from breweries could be converted into fuel for homes

26 November, 2019

A Queen’s University Belfast researcher has developed a low cost technique to convert left over barley from alcohol breweries into carbon, which could be used as a renewable fuel for homes in winter, charcoal for summer barbecues or water filters in

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast part of £1.25m funding to further improve prostate cancer treatment

Health | 19 November, 2019

Prostate Cancer UK and Movember have awarded £1.25m to Queen’s and The University of Manchester to continue advancing treatment for prostate cancer as part of the Belfast-Manchester Centre of Excellence.

Cancer diagnosis pathways image

Researchers discover a new way to improve the assessment of prostate cancer aggressiveness

Health | 9 October, 2019

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast have discovered a new way to predict the aggressiveness and future behaviour of prostate cancers.

Queen’s Academic Awarded the Academy Gold Fellowship for Women

CULTURE AND ARTS | 9 October, 2019

Queen’s academic, Aislinn Clarke, has received the 2019 Academy Gold Fellowship for Women.

Queen’s invests in new technology for echo-free chamber to help develop advanced 5G

Technology | 4 October, 2019

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have unveiled a newly revamped echo-free chamber which allows them to work on cutting-edge solutions to develop higher frequencies for advanced wireless systems, such as 5G.

Professor Mark Lawler, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen's University Belfast

Queen’s researcher highlights pressing global cancer inequalities

Health | 30 May, 2019

Professor Mark Lawler from Queen’s University Belfast will present on the urgent need to address global cancer inequalities at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Chicago, the premier cancer conference in the world

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast

Queen’s University part of US-Ireland Tripartite Collaboration to research cardiovascular technology

The Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (CCRCB) at Queens University Belfast has been selected as part of a US-Ireland tripartite center-to-center (C2C) collaboration to develop smart cardiovascular repair technologies.

Cancer diagnosis pathways image

Family history inspires Queen’s researcher to tackle oesophageal cancer

Health |

A leading scientist from Queen’s University Belfast has been awarded over £855,000 from Cancer Research UK to find new ways to prevent oesophageal cancer and improve survival rates.

Bowel Cancer Image 1600x767px

New approach to bowel cancer analysis could lead to better prognosis for patients

Health | 17 December, 2018

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have discovered a new way to analyse bowel cancer tumours, which could lead to more personalised treatments and better prognosis for patients.