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November 2003

14/11/03: Alumni Fund
14/11/03: Those men (and women) in green...
Personal Safety Guide
Semester Dates (to 2005)

Alumni Fund

A glider, a sub aqua diving boat, and a Students’ Union artist in residence are among the projects supported this year by the Alumni Fund in its annual awards which were presented in the Visitors’ Centre on 14 November.

Winners of the 2003 Alumni Fund awards at the presentation ceremony in the Visitors’ Centre
Winners of the 2003 Alumni Fund awards at the presentation
ceremony in the Visitors’ Centre

Established in 1999, the Fund raises money from graduates to enhance the “student experience”. The Queen’s University of Belfast Foundation Board, an independent charity, is responsible for dispensing the income, which this year amounts to some £230,000.

The nine successful schemes are as follows:

• £8,500 to provide a badly needed replacement K13 glider for the Gliding Club which currently shares equipment with the Ulster Gliding Club. Members will now have better training and more airtime, and the Club will be able to increase its membership.

• £1,200 to facilitate five one-day workshops for unemployed graduates within a year of their graduation. At 4.6 per cent, the numbers in this category are small, but their demand for the skills needed to launch a career is a pressing one.

• £3,000 to assist with the establishment of a three-month artist’s residency based in the Students’ Union. The artist will work with students to create a piece of art expressive of the student experience at Queen’s.

• £7,695 for a new five-metre Humber Assault boat which will help the Sub Aqua Club maintain its strong training and safety record in sports diving. The club also provides safety cover to the Queen’s Boat Club and is part of Seasearch, a group of volunteer divers who study marine life.

• £140,000 towards the new Library. Ninety-nine per cent of alumni donors agreed that the Fund should support this project.

• £45,000 has provisionally been allocated to providing a laptop lending facility for students in Elms Village. All Elms rooms are currently being networked.

• £5,000 for A-level entrance scholarships to recognise the achievements of top students entering Queen’s and provide them with financial assistance during their first year.

• £15,000 for travel scholarships, open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students, which offer financial assistance for travel in connection with a programme of study.

• £4,500 to relaunch the student newspaper `Gown’ and provide dedicated facilities and IT provision within the Students Union.

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Those men (and women) in green…

Ever wondered who those funny looking guys (and girls) in green are when you play sport at Malone Fields?

Every Saturday during term time, and at other times as required, the volunteers of Headquarters Transport Division (HQT) of St John Ambulance provide first-aid and ambulance cover at Malone Playing Fields – for both Queen’s sporting events and external events such as the Youth Games.

St John Ambulance

HQT was the only St John Ambulance Division in the UK to receive the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for voluntary service in the community – the nomination was made by the University. And the links run deeper: the Research Ethics Committee in the Faculty of Medicine is the Division’s first point of contact for pre-hospital care research.

St John AmbulanceAll its voluntary ambulance officers, from a wide range of backgrounds, have been trained to national Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) standards. The Division is international, with members from as far as the USA, South Africa and Australia. Based at Knockbracken Healthcare Park, the Division utilises six emergency ambulances, including a 4WD and Ambulance Support Unit, and attends over 150 events annually, from small weekly events such as Queen’s rugby and Gaelic football fixtures, through to large city-wide events such as the marathon.

St John AmbulanceThe members encounter and handle a wide variety of medical conditions, from minor cuts and abrasions through to potential spinal injuries, fractures and seizures. Each of the Division’s approximately 30 members plays a pivotal role.

Like most voluntary organisations, it is constantly seeking new members, for both front-line and ‘back of house’ activities such as database development, vehicle maintenance, web-site development and a host of other tasks. Not all members are uniformed.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the work of Headquarters Transport should contact David Reid at sjahqt@tiscali.co.uk or phone the Division on (028) 9079 9927.

And if you see them at the playing fields, consider buying them a drink – they do it for free!

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Personal Safety Guide
In view of the recent concern over the personal safety of staff and students, and continuing incidents of theft and other opportunistic crime on the campus, the University is distributing across the campus a leaflet which gives simple advice on personal safety and crime prevention.
If you cannot find a copy and would like one, please contact the Communications Office on ext. 3087 or by email

It is also available (in PDF format) here .

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Semester Dates (to 2005)
For details of semester dates until the end of the 2004-05 academic year, see here.

Author of announcement: The Communications Office
Date of posting: 07 November 2001

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