MH&LS Faculty Invitation to a QUB Microbiome Workshop 2017


18/09/2017 - 18/09/2017


9:30AM - 3:30PM


Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast

The Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences (MH&LS) would like to invite you to attend a one-day workshop on Microbiome Research.

Microbial ecosystems influence almost every aspect of life on our planet, from soil microbes and plant symbionts to gut pathology, obesity, brain development and immune-mediated disease. Currently, microbiome science is exploding and it offers an unprecedented opportunity to change the face and future of Healthcare, Agri-Food and Environmental Sustainability. Microbiome science is recognised by RCUK and Horizon 2020 as an important emerging area that they are keen to support. Moreover, just last year the USA announced ‘The National Microbiome Initiative’ to prioritize funding and other resources to realise the promise of microbiome science.

The aim of the QUB Microbiome Workshop is to gather together a breadth of researchers with interests in microbiome research, explore the best mechanism to focus existing research effort and to facilitate the development of new innovative research programmes at QUB. It is envisaged that this will lead to the establishment of a Microbiome Researcher Cluster that can form the basis of a future Pioneer Research Programme.   

The MH&LS Faculty aims to encourage and develop truly interdisciplinary, cross-faculty, collaborations that integrate three key (interlinked) areas; Health, Agri-Food and Environmental Sustainability. EOIs are encouraged from across all Faculties in order to bring together a collective of experts who can identify and explore the big questions in microbiome research. 

Please register your attendance by emailing your details to the Research Development Team by 30 June 2017.

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MH&LS Faculty Invitation to a QUB Microbiome Workshop 2017

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