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Global Challenges Debates

Feeding nine billion: The ultimate global challenge

Join us on 20 September in Queen’s University Belfast for the first of the Global Challenges Debates Series.

Hear from world leading experts to discuss one of the greatest challenges of our time.

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Addressing a global challenge

Queen’s is leading the world in addressing one of the greatest global challenges – how to ensure the safety of our food.

Our researchers track and prevent contamination of crops, animal feeds and foods. They help detect fraud along the supply chain and develop advanced food provenance systems, help to improve the quality of crops and the health of farm animals and their resistance to disease.


An international team of experts

Focused on detecting multiple chemical contaminants in food and feed, one of the most pressing global problems for the food industry and its regulators.

The Institute has also conducted an ambitious world-wide study into every reported chemical-based contamination over five years, determining types of feed, geographic origin and health risks and paving the way for the food industry to set up a self-monitoring programme.

A Taste of the Best

Queen’s University Belfast was rated No.1 for Food science, based on research intensity, (REF 2014).

Chris Elliott


Meet our staff

Professor Chris Elliott led the UK government's independent review of food systems following the 2013 horse meat scandal. Laboratories around the world now use tests developed at Queen’s by Chris and his colleagues.

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World renowned research

At a time when the world’s population is growing at its fastest ever rate, food security is a major global challenge.

The Institute for Global Food Security aims to play a major role in delivering safe, sustainable and authentic food to the world’s population, and has become globally recognised for its excellence in research.

Research at the Institute

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FIRST CLASS education

Agri-food is increasingly operating in a global market for production, processing and distribution.

Responsive, high quality education is essential to ensure the agri-food sector remains innovative, sustainable and globally competitive. To secure this success, our teaching draws on excellence in areas as diverse as nutrition, diet and health, chemical engineering, biomedical sciences, biochemistry.

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