Three Grand Challenges

The Institute is leading the world in addressing three of the greatest global challenges:


Global Challenges

Farms of the Future

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Innovative Research

Global Food Integrity

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Twenty First Century

Nutrition Challenges

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Research Impact

Our international team of world renowned experts are conducting research with impacts on society across the globe. 

Protecting the Integrity of the Global Feed-Food Supply Chain - Hen Feed

Professor Chris Elloitt

Protecting the Integrity of the Global Feed-Food Supply Chain

Preventing the chemical contamination of animal feeds and foods is one of the greatest challenges facing industry and regulators worldwide due to the global nature of supply chains.

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Professor Gordon Allan

Development of Vaccines & Diagnostics for porcine circovirus diseases

Allan’s team discovered and characterised the agent responsible for clinical development of PMWS (porcine circovirus 2 [PCV2]) and used these discoveries to drive vaccine and diagnostic test developments.

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The Oregano Approach

A Comprehensive Strategy to Detect the Fraudulent Adulteration of Herbs

Fraud in the global food supply chain is becoming increasingly common due to the huge profits associated with this type of criminal activity.

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Professor Paulo Prodohl

Evidence for the harmful effect of stock enhancement and commercial farming on native gene pools of Atlantic salmon and brown trout

The effects of salmon farm escapes, intentional releases of non-native salmon and stocking of fertile farm-reared and brown trout, on the genetic makeup, fitness and long-term viability of wild populations has been a matter of long term concern.

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Research Facilities


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The new Institute, established in 2016, houses a suite of state-of-the-art laboratories, conducting cutting edge research into various topics.

These range from soil & plant health through to food security, within the new £28 million Biological Sciences building.

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Agri-Food Quest

Agri-Food Quest

Growing Through Research

Agri-Food QUEST is a membership-based, industry-led Innovation Centre for the agri-food businesses in Northern Ireland. The Centre is focused on increasing the level of collaborative research activity to support the agri-food industry growth strategy.

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Meet our Researchers


Dr Niamh O'Connell

Dr O’Connell conducts farm animal health and welfare research and leads a team of post-doctoral assistants and PhD students in this area. She currently acts as co-ordinator of the FP7 project ECO-FCE and is investigating the link between feed conversion efficiency, feed intake patterns and leg health in pigs and broiler chickens.

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