21C Nutrition Challenges

Grand Challenge: Nutritional challenges of the twenty-first century

Links between poor nutrition and human illness are well established, yet how best to improve current diet quality is far from clear.

Research in the Institute for Global Food Security is linking diet with a range of human health issues (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease) and examining determinants of eating behaviour and how to promote behaviour change is already achieving success, both in terms of quality research outputs, income and potential IP generation.

The successful development of one of the UK’s most extensive mass spectrometry facilities, incorporating state-of-the-art metabolomics capabilities, offers enormous opportunities in terms of improving dietary assessment and the identification of new links between diet and health.

Understanding the impacts of human exposure through diet to a wide range of low level toxic agents will also become a key focus, including interrogation of the links between soil type/soil contaminants and human health.

Looking forward, research foci aimed at interrogating these issues will facilitate the development of further multi-disciplinary collaborations across the University, investigating other key research areas such as antimicrobial resistance, biomarker discovery, changing lifestyle behaviours.

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