Food Integrity

Grand Challenge: Global Food Integrity

The development of global food supply systems has markedly altered how food is produced, distributed and sold. It has brought about many changes for the better in terms of affordability and availability. Yet it has also greatly increased the risk of disease, contamination and fraud.

The Institute for Global Food Security has already established itself as a leading research provider to national and multinational industries and governments to tackle food contamination/adulteration. Working across disciplines with colleagues at the University, we are already engaged on a wide range of food integrity projects on the international stage, with both multinational food companies and countries seeking to develop collaborations. 

The development of food-fingerprinting techniques to detect contamination/adulteration has already begun and this work is being supported by a number of multinational corporations. The potential for substantial IP generation and spin-outs from this research activity is substantial.

The world leading analytical laboratories that have been developed will also support the new Institute for Health Sciences (Queen’s University Belfast), particularly in projects linking food contamination and human disease risk. 


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