Research Facilities


The Institute for Global Food Security is regarded internationally as a key hub for research in agriculture, food and nutrition, conducting research with impact to influence food and nutrition policy at a national and international level.

Among its many resources, the Institute boasts some of the most advanced research facilities in Europe, encompassing a huge range of highly developed technologies, including highly sophisticated biosensor and mass spectrometry platforms. The Institute will invest in additional leading edge equipment as new areas for investigation are identified.

We provide a dynamic and stimulating environment for staff and students.  It nurtures and inspires young scientists.  Postgraduate courses have been developed to equip scientists and future industry leaders with the skills required to deal with new and emerging global food challenges.



The Centre for Assured, Safe and Traceable food (ASSET) at Queen's University, Belfast is a Research Centre within the Institute for Global Food Security. 

Food safety and the importance of traceability have become pertinent issues in recent years. As demands from consumers and regulators grow regarding food safety, the need to develop technologies to detect contaminants within food has increased.  

Producing safe, assured and traceable food within ASSET begins at the farm with improving animal health, looks towards making the supply chain safer using advanced sensor technology and delivers unique ways of tracing our food production back to its origin using novel fingerprinting technology. 

ASSET apply innovative, state-of-the-art scientific techniques that will create a niche food forensic strength to develop a new dimension in animal and human health, food safety monitoring and traceability.