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Spring Festival 2017

Spring Festival of Conflict Transformation 2017

This year's programme includes a combination of politics, art, literature, film and documentary in formats ranging from debate and panel discussion to public lecture, conversation and workshop. The Festival has never been averse to including challenging topics and this year is no exception.

Spring Festival 2017

Senator George J. Mitchell giving a speech at the opening of the institute FOR GLOBAL PEACE, SECURITY AND JUSTICE

Queen's University Chancellor 1999-2009

Senator George J. Mitchell

"I believe there’s no such thing as a conflict that can’t be ended. They’re created and sustained by human beings. They can be ended by human beings. No matter how ancient the conflict, no matter how hateful, no matter how hurtful, peace can prevail."

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members of staff having a discussion in the Mitchell Institute

A flagship for social transformation

The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice is a Global Research Institute (GRI).

A flagship for interdisciplinary research in areas of major societal challenge, the GRI brings together excellent researchers from a wide range of disciplines to tackle some of the greatest global issues of our age.

Our people

student speaking with a lecturer in the Mitchell institute

Unparalleled expertise to bring about change

Questions about peace, security and justice dominate the discourse of governments, international agencies and civil society.

How can societies emerging from conflict resolve lingering grievances? How can they establish peace on a daily basis? How can the competing demands of justice, peace and security be resolved? The GRI responds to the challenge of building a peaceful, secure and inclusive world, bringing together the unparalleled expertise at Queen’s on these issues.


Conflict Transformation

International Summer School

Providing students with a broad overview of conflict resolution, this summer school offers a comparative international perspective on conflict transformation and social justice. Drawing on the experience of conflict in Ireland while considering case studies and examples from around the world.

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MA Conflict Transformation

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Globally unique

The Institute is distinctive internationally in linking peace-making with social transformation.

It gives attention to the need for governance reform of state institutions alongside cultural and social processes for healing in society.

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Cross-disciplinary expertise

Under the leadership of Hastings Donnan, the Institute brings together researchers from Architecture to Archaeology, Medicine to Management, Politics to Performing arts and Law to Languages.

This focus includes traditional and modern societies, and historical and contemporary cases. Through research, education and civic engagement, the Mitchell Institute aims to make a difference to the lives of ordinary people who are struggling with the aftermath of conflict by empowering them to realise fairness, justice and tolerance.

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