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Global Challenge: Building a Peaceful, Inclusive and Secure World 

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Embedding peace processes in daily life

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Ensuring Just and ethical responses

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Shaping approaches to peace-building in many cultures

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Leverhulme Interdisciplinary Network on Cybersecurity and Society (LINCS)

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Current Students

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AHSS Accommodation Awards

To better support even more International students to undertake their PhD studies at Queen’s, AHSS is offering 15 International PhD Awards for entry in 2018. Worth over £300,000 this is a major investment by the Faculty in our doctoral provision and this is a great opportunity for international students wishing to study with us. The awards are open to international students applying for doctoral study in any of our Schools or the GRI.

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Research Impact

Inclusive, Secure and Enriched Society


Professor Hastings Donnan has just received an email. It’s from a Kurdish television company. They’re coming to Belfast to make a programme and they want someone to give them a briefing.

Inclusive, Secure and Enriched Society


An £800,000 award from the Arts and Humanities Research Council to the Senator George J Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice is funding a unique project –

Inclusive, Secure and Enriched


Dr Joanne Murphy will never forget the day she and her colleagues went to Brussels to make a presentation on conflict transformation. The date was November 21, 2015 – which turned out to be the day the city’s great security lockdown began.

Inclusive, Secure and Enriched Society


When Dr Julie Norman came to Belfast in 2015 as a Queen’s University Research Fellow, she brought an extra dimension to the role – her teaching.

Current Funded Research Projects

Sounding Conflict: From Resistance to Reconciliation

- Musicians without Borders: Music Bridge

- Musicians without Borders: Sounding Conflict

(Arts and Humanities Research Council Funded)

Revolt in the ‘Square’: Spatial Modelling of Urban Stability in Modern Cities

(Arts and Humanities Research Council Funded)

Understanding the Role of Music and Sound in Conflict Transformation: The Mozambique Case Study

(Arts and Humanities Research Council Funded)

Collaboration in Conflict: Cross-Community Engagement in Divided Societies - Rising Star Engagement Award

(British Academy funded)

Negotiating Detention: Prisons as Sites of Confrontation and Compromise in Protracted Conflicts

(British Academy funded)

Asylum Seekers and Refugees' Experiences of Life in Northern Ireland Report

(Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister)

Counting our Losses: The politics of loss and social transformation in the context of migration and displacement in Turkey

(British Council funded)

Afghanistan peace dialogue research and communication

(The Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

The Right to Certify? Mobilising for the Self-Certification of Food

(Economic and Social Research Council funded)

The Taliban’s War: The Other Side of the Afghan Conflict, 2001-2015

(Economic and Social Research Council funded)

The Leverhulme Interdisciplinary Network on Cybersecurity and Society (LINCS) 

(Leverhulme Trust funded)

How counter-insurgency warfare experiences impact upon the post-deployment reintegration of land-based British army personnel

(Forces in Mind Trust)

Analyses of Food Supply Chains for Risks and Resilience to Food Fraud/Crime 

(Economic and Social Research Council funded)

Lawyers in Conflict and Transition: A Comparative Study in Cambodia, Chile, Israel/ Palestine, South Africa and Tunisia

(Economic and Social Research Council funded)

Apologies, Abuses and The National Imagination: Dealing with the Past in Ireland 

(Economic and Social Research Council funded)

Voice, Agency and Blame: Victimhood and the Imagined Community in Northern Ireland

(Arts and Humanities Research Council Funded)

Truth, Accountability or Impunity? Transitional Justice and the Economic Crisis

(Economic and Social Research Council funded – with City University, London)

Amnesties, Prosecution and Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland

(Arts and Humanities Research Council and Queen’s University Business Alliance funded)

student speaking with a lecturer in the Mitchell institute

Research Impact

Knowledge exchange between the Academy and the practitioner is a priority

Peace-building and social justice between researchers and practitioners a key goal. To advance this priority we host regular workshops, conferences and civic conversations involving participation from all sections of society.

Mitchell Institute

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