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Charmain Jones, Community Relations Practitioner with the Rural Community Network in Cookstown

What made you want to participate in the summer school?

I am a community relations practitioner, rooted within the community. As a practitioner it is important to hear academic thinking on a wide range of community relations issues. I wanted to further enhance my own knowledge but also ensure that the work I am undertaking on the ground is complimentary to academic thinking. I also wanted to hear international perspectives to Northern Ireland and learn about the "bigger picture".

What are your academic/study/research interests?

I am interested in peacebuilding and conflict transformation. I studied at University 20 years ago but that was in the field of business and marketing. Over the past 5 years I have become more interested in formal training and learning in the field of peacebuilding and I am particularly interested in all aspects of cultural identity here in NI.

What do you hope to take away from the summer school?

Some international friends and colleagues, a better understanding of the issues facing communities here in Northern Ireland and the ROI and also an improved skill set to further enhance my own work.

What has your highlight been so far? ‌

Getting all 10 flags correct in the quiz, much to the delight of Dominic Bryan haha!

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