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Spring Festival of Conflict Transformation 2017


Art, Populism, Racism and the Migrant Crisis


5/05/2017 - 5/05/2017


1:00PM - 2:00PM


Senate Room, Lanyon Building, QUB



Increasing numbers of visual artists of different national backgrounds have commented on the rise of populist politics, nationalism and anti-migrant sentiments in Europe.  Some of this work has been shown in travelling exhibitions and in museums.  Examining a selection of works by Pavel Sterec, Michal Moravčik, Csaba Nemes, Ai Weiwei and others, Maruška Svašek (Mitchell Institute) will scrutinise the underlying ideas, arguments and related controversies.  The collections are currently on display in Prague and the talk will also consider how the works have been framed, received and criticised in the Czech Republic.

Ai Weiwei in Prague, March 2017. Photograph by Maruška Svašek.

To register or reserve a place, please contact Maruška Svašek on m.svasek@qub.ac.uk

For a full programme of events please download the Spring Festival Programme 2017.


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