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Case Study

Understanding Performance and Expertise

12/04/2016 - Professor Cathy Craig, School of Psychology

Case Study

Searching the skies to protect the planet

22/08/2016 - Professor Alan Fitzsimons, Astrophysics Research Centre

Case Study

The story of a city through a poet's eyes

22/08/2016 - Dr Sinéad Morrissey, School of Arts, English and Languages

Case Study

Worldwide collaborations to combat eye disease

22/08/2016 - Professor Usha Chakravarthy, Centre for Public Health

Case Study

Accelerating the impact of research

22/08/2016 - Professor John McCanny, School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Case Study

Improving Cancer Treatment

22/08/2016 - Professor Richard Kennedy, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology

Case Study


22/08/2016 - Professor Ryan Donnelly, School of Pharmacy

Case Study

Prostate Cancer

22/08/2016 - Professor Joe O'Sullivan, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology

Case Study

Diabetes related blindness

22/08/2016 - Professor Alan Stitt, Centre for Experimental Medicine

Case Study

Slavery. But what constitutes slavery? How can it be defined in the 21st century?

12/04/2016 - Professor Jean Allain, Director of the Human Rights Centre at Queen’s School of Law

Case Study

In A Darkened Room The Light Of Discovery

12/04/2016 - Dr Miryam Arredondo-Arechavala, Centre for Nanostructure

Case Study

Finding Global Benefits Through Solar Imaging

12/04/2016 - Dr David Jess, Astrophysics Research Centre

Case Study

Opening Up New Directions In Green Chemistry

12/04/2016 - Dr Gosia Swadzba-Kwasny (QUILL)

Case Study

Big Data And Big Challenges At The Core Of Computer Science

12/04/2016 - Dr Hans Vandierendonck, High Performance and Distributed Computing, School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Case Study

An academic in Whitehall


DNA of Innovation Series

Our annual DNA of Innovation publication profiles researchers at Queen's University who are making a real-world impact with their work. Our publications are available in PDF format to download.

New Voices New Impact VOL V (pdf)

DNA of Innovation Volume V

Our Global Impact on Society VOL IV (pdf)

DNA of Innovation 4

Creative Connections VOL III (pdf)

DNA of Innovation 3

DNA of Innovation VOL II (pdf)

DNA of Innovation 2

DNA of Innovation VOL I (pdf)

DNA of Innovation 1

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28/10/2015 - Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen's collaboration with Drake Music Project Northern Ireland

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