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Case Study

Understanding Performance and Expertise

12/04/2016 - Professor Cathy Craig, School of Psychology

Case Study

Searching the skies to protect the planet

22/08/2016 - Professor Alan Fitzsimons, Astrophysics Research Centre

Case Study

The story of a city through a poet's eyes

22/08/2016 - Dr Sinéad Morrissey, School of Arts, English and Languages

Case Study

Worldwide collaborations to combat eye disease

22/08/2016 - Professor Usha Chakravarthy, Centre for Public Health

Case Study

Accelerating the impact of research

22/08/2016 - Professor John McCanny, School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Case Study

Improving Cancer Treatment

22/08/2016 - Professor Richard Kennedy, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology

Case Study


22/08/2016 - Professor Ryan Donnelly, School of Pharmacy

Case Study

Prostate Cancer

22/08/2016 - Professor Joe O'Sullivan, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology

Case Study

Diabetes related blindness

22/08/2016 - Professor Alan Stitt, Centre for Experimental Medicine

Case Study

Slavery. But what constitutes slavery? How can it be defined in the 21st century?

12/04/2016 - Professor Jean Allain, Director of the Human Rights Centre at Queen’s School of Law

Case Study

In A Darkened Room The Light Of Discovery

12/04/2016 - Dr Miryam Arredondo-Arechavala, Centre for Nanostructure

Case Study

Finding Global Benefits Through Solar Imaging

12/04/2016 - Dr David Jess, Astrophysics Research Centre

Case Study

Opening Up New Directions In Green Chemistry

12/04/2016 - Dr Gosia Swadzba-Kwasny (QUILL)

Case Study

Big Data And Big Challenges At The Core Of Computer Science

12/04/2016 - Dr Hans Vandierendonck, High Performance and Distributed Computing, School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Case Study

An academic in Whitehall


Research at Queens 2016-2021

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DNA of Innovation Series

Our annual DNA of Innovation publication profiles researchers at Queen's University who are making a real-world impact with their work. Our publications are available in PDF format to download.

New Voices New Impact VOL V (pdf)

DNA of Innovation Volume V

Our Global Impact on Society VOL IV (pdf)

DNA of Innovation 4

Creative Connections VOL III (pdf)

DNA of Innovation 3

DNA of Innovation VOL II (pdf)

DNA of Innovation 2

DNA of Innovation VOL I (pdf)

DNA of Innovation 1

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28/10/2015 - Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen's collaboration with Drake Music Project Northern Ireland

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