16/10/17 - Adverse Weather

Queen's will be open tomorrow as usual. If there are any developments during the night that would put staff and student safety at risk, then a further announcement will be made at 6am tomorrow morning.  Read more on this >


European Research Council Projects

European Research Council Funded Project

Temporal Enhancement of Motor Performance Using Sensory Guides

The TEMPUS_G Project uses 21c tech to capture details of brain and movement interaction, helping science to better comprehend the links between hearing, seeing and doing.

European Research Council Funded Project

Professor Stephen Smartt: Evolving the Cosmos

ERC Project: “Ultraluminous Supernovae: Origins and Cosmic Evolution” To find ultraluminous supernovae and help quantify the physical nature of these unusually brilliant stellar explosions.

European Research Council Funded Project

Dr Ian Campbell: Advancing knowledge of past religious militancy

ERC Project: War and the Supernatural in Early Modern Europe. A study of the relationship between faith and warfare in 16th and 17th century Europe

European Research Council Funded Project

FRAGSUS Project: Fragility and Sustainability in Restricted Island Environments

The FRAGSUS project explores the life of the Neolithic Temple population, who settled in Malta between 5500BC and 2400BC, and focuses on how the prehistoric people responded to and exploited the limited resources of a remote island environment.