16/10/17 - Adverse Weather

Queen's will be open tomorrow as usual. If there are any developments during the night that would put staff and student safety at risk, then a further announcement will be made at 6am tomorrow morning.  Read more on this >


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03-Apr-17 Birmingham   Windsor Academy Higher Education Fair
03-04 Apr 17 Somerset Bath UCAS fair
04-Apr-17 Wales Cardiff UCAS fair
05-Apr-17 Teeside Newcastle UCAS fair
25-26 Apr-17 East Midlands East Midlands UCAS fair
26-Apr-17 Surrey Egham Strode College Higher Education fair


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02-May-17 Essex Essex Seevic College Higher Education Fair
04-May-17 Warickshire Warwick Warwick and Kings High School Careers Fair


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12-13 Jun 17 Midlands Birmingham UCAS fair
13-Jun-17 Norfolk Norwich UCAS fair
14-Jun-17 Suffolk Ipswich UCAS fair
15-16 Jun 17 Merseyside Merseyside UCAS fair
15-Jun-17 Lancashire Blackpool Blackpool High School Fair
16-Jun-17 Yorkshire Sheffield UCAS fair
16-Jun-17 Isle of Man Isle of Man Ballkermeen High School Higher Education fair
19-20 Jun 17 Bedfordshire Bedfordshire UCAS fair
20-Jun-17 Kent Kent UCAS fair
21-Jun-17 London South London UCAS fair
21-Jun-17 Cambridgeshire Cambridge UCAS fair
22-Jun-17 Yorkshire Leeds Notre Dame Sixth Form College Higher Education Fair
22-23 Jun 17 London East London UCAS fair
23-Jun-17 London Tooting Graveney School Higher Education Fair
26-Jun-17 Humberside Hull UCAS fair
27-28 Jun 17 Yorkshire West and North UCAS fair
29-Jun-17 Lancashire Lancashire UCAS fair
29-Jun-17 Tyneside Tyneside UCAS fair
29-Jun-17 Surrey Woking Woking School Careers Fair
30-Jun-17 West Cumbria North and West Cumbria UCAS fair


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06-Jul-17 London London Sir John Cass Higher Education Fair
07-Jul-17 Tunbridge Wells Tunbridge Wells Bennett Memorial Diosecan School

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