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A research degree offers you the opportunity to develop your research skills and prove yourself as a researcher. Queen’s is committed to the enhancement of research training and teaching and offers postgraduate research opportunities across all fields of study.


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The development of transferable skills is an integral part of being a postgraduate research student.

The Postgraduate Researcher Development Programme offers all research students training courses aimed at providing the skills to complete your higher degree and enhance your employability. The courses offered in the Development Programme supplement those provided by Schools and are available, free of charge, to all research students.



You may be permitted to carry out some of your research away from Queen’s.

You will need to satisfy the University that you will maintain appropriate contact with your supervisor, and have access to appropriate facilities, during any periods spent away, and you may be required to spend a specified period of time in residence at the University.


Welcome and induction programme

For all new postgraduate research students

These events give students the opportunity to talk to both students and academic staff from their own and other disciplines, to share their expectations of research study.

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Our postgraduate researchers work in partnership with industry to solve their problems and grow their businesses.

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