Higher Doctorate

About Higher Doctorates

Higher Doctorates are awarded to students who have demonstrated a contribution of originality and merit to their field of study; a sustained, consistent and substantial contribution to the advancement of knowledge over a number of years; an authoritative standing in the field of study; and seminal publications which have led to extensions or the development of knowledge by others.

The submission includes a copy of the published works and a summary document incorporating a research record and outlining research interests and achievement through reference to selected publications.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must have a significant link to the University, normally by being a graduate of the University or a current academic member of staff. Normally applicants will also have a minimum of ten years research experience at a postdoctoral level. Their case will be considered by the School Postgraduate Research Committee who should have the right to seek views from outside its membership.

How to apply

Application forms are available from the Admissions and Access Service email:, tel: +44 (0) 28 9097 5081.

 Applicants for a Higher Doctorate are required to establish a prima facie case that their work is of an appropriate standard. The application must include:

  • The proposed title
  • A statement of the intended award
  • A CV
  • A publications list, indicating works to be submitted
  • A precis of the work to be submitted (500-1,000 words, with reference to how the applicant meets the requirements for the award (See Study Regulations for Higher Doctorates 4.3)
  • A statement about joint authorship of publications, and the extent of the applicant's contribution to the work
  • A statement describing any previous submission of the works for a degree at this or any other university 

Registration is normally on a part-time basis. You will be expected to submit a copy of the published works and a 3,000 word summary document, within one year. Applicants should contact the relevant School for further information.

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