How to Apply

Candidates wishing to be considered for our Clearing Vacancies should complete an Enquiry Form and return it to the Admissions and Access Service as soon as possible. Candidates who have not previously applied to Queen's should also provide a brief CV and a copy of their GCSE results to accompany this form.

If you have completed qualifications other than A-levels/AS-levels, eg Edexcel Diplomas/Certificates, Access Course or Irish Leaving Certificate, you should also provide a copy of your Certificate(s) to accompany your Enquiry Form.

If you have studied beyond A-level (ie you commenced another university/college course) you must provide full information when submitting your enquiry. Failure to do so will delay the processing of your enquiry and Vacancies, which are available, will be allocated to other applicants. Please note candidates who do not declare previous university/college attendance may have any offer of a place withdrawn.

If you wish to apply for any of our Clearing Vacancies please read the information on the Clearing Vacancies pages to ensure that you are eligible for entry to your chosen course(s). Column 4 gives an indication of the likely requirements in terms of A-levels. These requirements should be treated as a guide only as a final decision on the acceptability of any applicant can only be made after we have reviewed the full information contained on their UCAS application form. You should ensure that you can satisfy the subject requirements for any of the courses for which you decide to apply. Please note that attention will be paid to the grade achieved in the relevant subject(s) if appropriate. Candidates with slightly lower grades than those specified above may also enquire about the possibility of obtaining a place.

Candidates wishing to contact the Admissions and Access Service should check our Opening Times.