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Vice Chancellor's Office

University Executive Board

The University Executive Board (UEB) is responsible for the development of the Corporate Plan, and the development and implementation of approved strategies to support delivery of the Corporate Plan.

University Executive Board Members

Any queries in relation to the work of the University Executive Board should be directed towards Mrs Nicola Skelly at, Telephone: (0)28 9097 5134

The UEB’s Terms of Reference may be found in the Directory of Committees

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Professor James McElnay

Acting President and Vice-Chancellor

Point of contact: Ms Roisin Smith | Telephone: (0)28 9097 5134

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Professor David Jones

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students)

Point of contact: Miss Pauline Allen | Telephone: (0)28 9097 5220

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Professor Sally Wheeler

Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise)

Point of contact:

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Professor Richard English

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Internationalisation and Engagement)

Point of contact: Mrs Cathy Hopkins | Telephone: (0)28 9097 3131

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Professor Adrienne Scullion

Professor Adrienne Scullion

Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)

Point of Contact: Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Dean’s Office | Telephone: (0)28 9097 5006

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Professor Mark Price

Professor Mark Price

Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Engineering and Physical Sciences)

Point of contact: Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Dean's office | Telephone: (0)28 9097 5443

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Chris Elliott

Professor Chris Elliott

Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Medicine, Health and Life Sciences)

Point of contact: Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences Dean's office | Telephone: (0)28 9097 5177

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James oKane

Mr James O'Kane

Registrar and Chief Operating Officer

Point of contact: Alison Johnston | Telephone: (0)28 9097 2500

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Ms Wendy Galbraith

Director of Finance

Point of Contact: Finance Directorate Office | Telephone: (0)28 9097 3018

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Isabel Jennings

Ms Isabel Jennings

Director of Marketing, Recruitment, Communications and Internationalisation

Point of Contact: Ms Marelle Crawford / Mrs Lesley Roy | Telephone:(0)28 9097 1023 / (0)28 9097 1460

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