10 things you didn't know about Belfast

1. Led Zeppelin gave their anthemic Stairway to Heaven its live debut here, at the Ulster Hall in March 1971

2. We used to have a castle in the middle of the city centre, and ships in the middle of the high street

3. Our Albert Clock tower is sinking – it leans by four feet

4. …that’s not the only thing we’ve built that sank…the Titanic was constructed here

5. Our two most famous listed buildings are the yellow cranes at the shipyard that built her…

6. …and Game of Thrones is filmed in a studio nearby…

7. …so its stars are often found out and about when they’re in town

8. The pneumatic tyre was invented here

9. ..as was Milk of Magnesia

10. C.S Lewis was born here, and the nearby countryside helped inspire The Chronicles of Narnia

11. George Best first kicked a football in the east of the city

12. The name of the Undertones’ legendary Teenage Kicks is immortalised in a mural in the east of the city, in
       recognition of their Belfast-born record boss Terri Hooley

13. And legendary grump Van Morrison also hails from the east of the city.


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