Confirmed Plenary Speakers: Dr Peter Boxall (University of Sussex), Professor Thomas Docherty (University of Warwick), Professor Paul Seawright (University of Ulster), Dr Moynagh Sullivan (NUI Maynooth)  

All panels and plenary sessions are taking place in the Queen’s Postgraduate Centre, 18 College Green.

The conference organisers, Susan Cahill, Emma Hegarty and Emilie Morin, would like to thank the School of English, No Alibis Bookshop, the Institute of Irish Studies, and Student-led Initiatives for their kind assistance, as well as all those who have supported and contributed to the organisation of this event. In keeping with the conference themes, all efforts have been made to avoid non-recycled/non-recyclable materials.

Tuesday 17 April 

9.00-9.30 Registration (Foyer, Postgraduate Centre)


Peter Boxall (University of Sussex) “‘There’s no lack of void’: Waste and Abundance in Beckett and DeLillo” (Seminar Room)

Chair: Stephen Kelly (Queen’s University Belfast)

10.45-11.00 Coffee 


Urbanisation and the Underbelly of Modernity (Seminar Room)

Chair: Ciaran O’Neill (Queen’s University Belfast)

o         Conall Gillespie (University of Warwick) “Time-Wasting as History: Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project and the Temporality of Idleness”

o         John Miller (University of Glasgow) “Anarchy and Ecology in John Buchan’s London”

o         Sara Crangle (Queen’s College, Cambridge) “Cesspoolage”

More than Rubbish: Liminal Voices and the Politics of Late Capitalism (Room 01 005)

Chair: James Ward (University of Ulster)

o         Catherine Bates (University of Leeds) “‘Blurs – surrounded, often, by unintended or even embarrassing details’: The Role of Rubbish in the Constitution of a Collective Biography in Robert Kroetsch’s The Hornbooks of Rita K

o         Harriet Hawkins (University of Nottingham) “Michael Landy Break Down.  A Politics of Rubbish and Consumption”

o         Mary Foltz (State University of New York at Buffalo) “The Caustic Caress of Nausea or the Excremental Ethics of Samuel Delany”


12.30-2.00 Lunch


Global Landscapes of Waste (Seminar Room)

Chair: Ashley Dunne (Queen’s University Belfast)

o         Felicity Horne (University of South Africa) “The Modern Wasteland of AIDS in South Africa”

o         Shannon Tyman (University of Oregon) “Wasting Away”

Waste and the Anxieties of the Modern (Room 01 005)

Chair: Stephen Mullan (Queen’s University Belfast)

o         Izabela Curyllo-Klag (Jagiellonian University, Kraków) “‘The Appeal of the Little’ – Commodity Culture, Waste and Abundance in Wyndham Lewis’s Tarr

o         Aisling Mullan (Queen’s University Belfast) “Ritualistic Progress: A Charter for Sustainable Development in Yeats’s Early Drama?”



Entropy: Irish Modernisms and Recycling (Seminar Room)

Chair: Susan Cahill (University of Limerick)

o         Karen Brown (Queen’s University Belfast) “‘Giorgionesque Elucidations’: The Pictorialist Poetics of Thomas MacGreevy”

o         Matthew Wraith (London Consortium, Birkbeck, University of London) “Writing, Excess, and the Plenitude of History in James Joyce and Samuel Beckett”

Waste, Coloniality and Displaced Cultural Identities (Room 01 005)

Chair: Emma Hegarty (Queen’s University Belfast)

o         Emilie Morin (Queen’s University Belfast) “Cultural Residues and the Economy of Waste in Samuel Beckett’s Early Drama”

o         Lorna Piatti (Loughborough University) “Throw It All Away: Food, Disgust and Cultural Boundaries in Monique Truong’s The Book of Salt

4.00-4.30 Coffee


Moynagh Sullivan (NUI Maynooth) “Women and the Aesthetics of Wastefulness” (Seminar Room)

Chair: Eamonn Hughes (Queen’s University Belfast)

6.30-7.30 Wine reception in No Alibis Bookshop, 83 Botanic Avenue, followed by conference dinner in Vincents, 78-80 Botanic Avenue.

Wednesday 18 April


Exhausted Materiality (Seminar Room)

Chair: Emilie Morin (Queen’s University Belfast)

o         Christopher Schmidt (City University of New York) “Waste Matters: Recuperation of the Ephemeral in the Work of Andy Warhol and Kenneth Goldsmith”

o         Alex Wylie (Queen’s University Belfast) “‘What did you say?’: Silence and Logorrhoea in Geoffrey Hill and John Berryman”

Waste, Abundance and Perspectives on Abjection  (Room 01 005)

Chair: Conall Gillespie (University of Warwick)

o         Susan Cahill (University of Limerick) “Embodied Waste and Abundance: Anne Enright's The Pleasure of Eliza Lynch

o         Caroline Magennis (Queen’s University Belfast) “‘Messy, wideopen legs’: The Excessive Maternal in Robert McLiam Wilson’s Ripley Bogle

 10.30-10.45 Coffee


Thomas Docherty (University of Warwick) Title tba (Seminar Room)

Chair: Brian Caraher (Queen’s University Belfast)


Only Rubbish?: Waste and Cultural Mutations (Seminar Room)

Chair: Karen Brown (Queen’s University Belfast)

o         Alberto Duman (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff) “Changes We Don’t Like: Visible Gaps between Cultural Metaphors of Waste and Changing Realities in Waste Management in Western Countries”

o         James Ward (University of Ulster) “Make or Break? Robinson and Rubbish in Keiller and Defoe”

Poetics of Waste and Void  (Room 01 005)

Chair: Mary-Ellen Lynn (Queen’s University Belfast)

o         Cristina Ceron (University of Verona) “Waste and Dissolution: Thomas Hardy’s War Poems”

o         Paul Maddern (Queen’s University Belfast) “‘Littered with Mockingbirds’: The Poetry of Conor O’Callaghan”

 1.00-2.30 Lunch


Consuming the American Dream (Seminar Room)

Chair: Paul Bunting (Queen’s University Belfast)

o         Margaret Robson (NUI Maynooth) “Rubbish: Don DeLillo and the Wasteland”

o         Sara Ramshaw (Queen’s University Belfast) “Between Waste and Abundance: Bird, Bebop and the Aporia of Genius”

o         Samantha MacBride (New York University/ New York City Department of Sanitation) “Immorality of Waste: Historical, Economic and Molecular Perspectives in U.S. Literature and Culture”

 4.00-4.30 Coffee


Paul Seawright (University of Ulster) “Walking on Wasteground: Photography and the Empty Landscape” (Seminar Room)

Chairs: Susan Cahill, Emma Hegarty, and Emilie Morin

 6.30-7.30 Electro-acoustic performance by Tom Davis  (Queen’s University Belfast) and Jason Dixon(University of East Anglia): "Wasted Music, Abundant Sonorities" . SARC (Sonic Arts Research Centre), Cloreen Park.