The Institute for Global Food Security and safefood are delighted to announce a major international conference on food safety, to be held at Queen’s University Belfast (8th–10th April 2014).

The ability to protect the integrity of the food supply chain is a massive challenge but one which is of the utmost importance to protect the consumer.
The conference to be held in Belfast will concentrate on three key themes:

1) Reviewing recent progress in delivering safe and authentic food to the consumer

2) Identifying the greatest current and emerging threats to the integrity of the agri-food supply

3) Delivering new analytical means of verifying the integrity of the agri-food supply chain

As a major part of this conference a debate on the issues pertaining to the introduction of GM feeds, crops and foods into Europe will be held. Experts will speak for and against the motion that ‘GM crops are a safe and important means of improving food security in Europe’.