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The British Academy Networks Project on Modes of Religiosity

Publications arising from the project

Some of the main findings of the project will be published in the Cognitive Science of Religion Series at AltaMira Press (a division of Rowman and Littlefield). The first volume in the series, entitled Modes of Religiosity: A Cognitive Theory of Religious transmission (Harvey Whitehouse), set out the theory to be tested. The next three volumes present much of the key evidence and debate arising from the conferences at Cambridge, Vermont, and Emory Universities, as follows: Ritual and Memory: Towards a Comparative Anthropology of Religion (edited by Harvey Whitehouse and James Laidlaw); Theorizing Religions Past: Archaeology, History, and Cognition (edited by Harvey Whitehouse and Luther H. Martin); Mind and Religion: Psychological and Cognitive Foundations of Religiosity (edited by Harvey Whitehouse and Robert N. McCauley).

Additional papers presented at the conferences on modes of religiosity, which will not be appearing in any of the above volumes, will be published in a series of journal special issues for Historical Reflections/ Réflexions Historiques (Martin/Whitehouse eds.) Method & Theory in the Study of Religion (Martin/Whitehouse eds.) and Journal of Cognition and Culture (McCauley/Whitehouse eds.).

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