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Moscow State University, Department of Ichthyology.
Contact person (name and e-mail):
Alexander G.Osinov,
Persons working on brown trout population genetics:
General research topics of the laboratory:
Phylogeography, conservation and management, genetic population structure.
General description of research on brown trout population genetics:
The main topic is description of phylogeny, taxonomic status, and conservation genetics of different populations, forms and related species of brown trout complex.

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List of projects (brown trout) for the past 3 years:


Study #1
Researcher: Alexander G. Osinov.
Collaborators: L. Bernatchez, University Laval, Canada
Source of project funding: By grant
Topic: Phylogeography, conservation and management, genetic population structure.
Objective: To study the metapopulation structure of brown trout from the eastern part of the range.
Design: To analyze the evolutionary relationships of Atlantic and Danubean groupings of brown trout.
Methodology: Allozymes, mtDNA sequencing, mtDNA RFLP.
Trout population: Hatchery stocks, resident and anadromous populations.
Origin of samples: Countries of the Former Soviet UnionBaltic Sea Basin, Barents and White Sea Basins, Black Sea Basin, Caspian Sea Basin, Aral Sea Basin.
Status: Started 1994, finished 1996.

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Publications (brown trout genetics)

Journal papers:

  • Bernatchez, L., Osinov, A.(1995). Genetic diversity of trout (genus Salmo) from its most eastern native range based on mitochondrial DNA and nuclear gene variation. Mol. Ecol., 4, 285-297.
  • Osinov, A.G.(1984). Zoogeographical Origins of Brown Trout, Salmo trutta (Salmonidae): Data from Biochemical Genetic Markers. J. Ichthyol., 24, 10-23.
  • Osinov, A.G.(1989). Brown trout (Salmo trutta L., Salmonidae) in basins of the Black and Caspian Seas: a population-genetic analysis. Translated from Genetika (Moscow).1988. 24, 2172-2186.
  • Osinov, A.G.(1990). Low lewel of genetic variability and differentiation in ecological forms of Sevan trout Salmo ischchan Kessler. Translated from Genetika(Moscow).1989. 25,1827-1835.
  • Osinov, A.G.(1990).The level of genetic variation and differentiation of the brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) in Tadjikistan. Moscow University Biol. Sci. Bull., 45, 37-41.
  • Osinov, A.G.(1990c). On the Problem of Sevan Trout Salmo ischchan Kessler Origin: A Population-Genetic Approach. Zh. Obshch. Biol.(Moscow), 51, 817-827.
  • Osinov, A.G., Bernatchez, L.(1996)."Atlantic" and "Danubian" Phylogenetic Groupings of Brown Trout Salmo Trutta Complex: Genetic Divergence,Evolution, and Conservation. J. Ichthyol., 36, 723-746.

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