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Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling.
Contact person (name and e-mail):
John Taggart,
Persons working on brown trout population genetics:
John Taggart, Margaret Cairney
General research topics of the laboratory:
Reproduction biology, conservation and management, genetic population structure, gene mapping.
General description of research on brown trout population genetics:
Previously involved in population genetic studies of brown trout (and hybrids) using allozyme and minisatellite DNA markers. Currently no work is being undertaken specifically on brown trout. Research is focused on behavioural and population genetics of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) using highly variable nuclear DNA markers (mini- and microsatellites). A major part of this work involves an intensive and long term genetic monitoring programme of salmon from two tributaries within a large river system. DNA profiling is being applied to assess / measure a variety of traits e.g. mate preference, spawning success, juvenile survival / distribution, timing of smoltification, etc. The goal is to monitor family groups throughout their life cycle and ultimately measure the reproductive success of different life history strategies. The laboratory is also a partner in the EU funded salmonid genome mapping project (SALMAP).

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List of projects (brown trout) for the past 3 years:



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Publications (brown trout genetics)

Journal papers:

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