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Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute.
Contact person (name and e-mail):
Marja-Liisa Koljonen,
Persons working on brown trout population genetics:
Jarmo Koskiniemi, Marja-Liisa Koljonen.
General research topics of the laboratory:
Genetic population structure, conservation and management, genetic stock identification.
General description of research on brown trout population genetics:
Population structure analysis of brown trout popolations in different water systems for management breeding and conservation purposes.

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List of projects (brown trout) for the past 3 years:


Study #1
Researcher: Marja-Liisa Koljonen, Jarmo Koskiniemi, Eero Jutila
Source of project funding: Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute.
Topic: Stocking effects, genetic monitoring, genetic population structure.
Objective: Description and inventation of genetic diversity among anadromous brown trout populations in Finland.
Design: Screening of various populations.
Methodology: Allozymes.
Trout population: Hatchery stocks, anadromous populations.
Origin of samples: Finland, Baltic Sea Basin.
Status: Ongoing.

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Started in 1997 and will be completed in 1998.

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Publications (brown trout genetics)

Journal papers:

  • Huusko, A., van der Meer, O. & Koljonen, M.-L. (1990). Life history patterns and genetic differences in brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) in the Koutajoki river system. Pol. Arch. Hydrobiol., 37, 63-77.
  • Koljonen, M.-L. & Kallio-Nyberg, I. (1991). The Finnish trout (Salmo trutta) stock register. Finn. Fish. Res., 12, 83-90.

Technical Reports:

  • Koljonen, M.-L. & Huusko, A. (1993). Genetic variation of brown trout stocks in the Koutajoki river system. Oulanka Reports, 12, 129-132.

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