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Title: Allozyme data, Estonia
Contributor: Tiit Paaver, Department of Fish Farming, Institute of Animal Husbandry, Estonian Agricultural University. tpaaver@ph.eau.ee
Published:   unpublished
Phylogeographical race:  
Geographical location: Gulf of Finland (Kunda and Toolse rivers), Islands (I.Hiiumaa with two linked rivers - Vanajogi and Ongu) and I.Saaremaa - Tirtsi) and Gulf of Riga (Loode)
Status of populations: anadromous
Stocking status:  
List of polymorphic loci:
small_green_bullet.gif (334 bytes) sAAT-4*
small_green_bullet.gif (334 bytes) G3PDH-2*
small_green_bullet.gif (334 bytes) IDDH-1*
small_green_bullet.gif (334 bytes) LDH-C1*
small_green_bullet.gif (334 bytes) sMDH-2*

List of Individual Samples:

Population Code Sample Size
River Kunda (Gulf of Finland) Kunda 92
River Toolse (Gulf of Finland) Toolse 148
Vanajogi and Ongu Rivers (Island Hiiumaa) Hiiuma 96
River Loode (Gulf of Riga) Loode 45
River Tirtsi (Island Saaremaa) Tirtsi 42
1. CPK A1 is not included as I was in most cases not able to distinguish heterozygotes from 100/100 homozygotes and could not add them in a proper format of genotypes. The 115/115 frequencies are available from me on request.
2- MDH 4,3 is also not included as it was difficult to interprete although it was certainly variable. IDDH1 is often missing for several technical reasons.
3- Samples are taken only from areas where sea trout is spawning, thus the material represents mainly sea trout. Samples consist of 0+ or 1+ parr, sometimes a few spawners are included too.
4- The specimen code includes river symbol - two letters, year of sampling - two numbers and specimen number. 01 is always allele 100 by our troutconcert nomenclature, 02 is the second allele present in Estonia.
5- Only in the LDH-C1 there was a third allele (70) which I recently found in old gels in low frequency.
Format of Data: GENEPOP (Data file can be downloaded by "clicking" on the relevant link.
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