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Since the 2016 referendum decision for the UK to leave the EU, the University has sought clarity on four key issues that are crucial to the future of the higher education sector.

These were set out in the Brexit Institutional response paper, which can be accessed here

Informed by years of internationally-recognised research excellence, Queen’s on Brexit brings together leading academics from Queen’s University who can provide an authoritative voice on the Brexit process, the many policy areas affected by Brexit, and the subsequent impact on Northern Ireland, the island of Ireland, the UK and the EU-27.

Insight and analysis

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Liberty, wealth or peace: the choice offered by the Brexit deal

November 2018 - Liberty, wealth or peace? And if you can only have one of them, which do you go for? Hard Brexiteers desire freedom above all else – the liberty to make your own decisions, good or bad. Hard Remainers place top billing on economic prosperity and don’t see much merit in the freedom to be poor.

Professor John Garry
The UK in a Changing Europe

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DUP agreement remains says Theresa May, but she’s less clear on its future

November 2018 - Theresa May has said her party's 'confidence and supply' agreement with the DUP is still in place - but declined to clarify in Belfast yesterday whether or not the remainder of the £1bn promised for Northern Ireland in the deal will still be paid if it collapses.

Professor David Phinnemore
Belfast Telegraph

Theresa May

Theresa May's Brexit deal may yet beat the odds and get through Parliament - here's why

November 2018 - Those against Theresa May’s version of Brexit have pretty much had an open field up to now, but the prime minister has begun a highly orchestrated campaign defending her position properly.

Professor Colin Harvey
The Independent

Brexit Expertise

Katy Hayward

Dr Katy Hayward

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

Professor David Phinnemore

Professor David Phinnemore

Professor of European Politics
School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics

Colin Harvey

Professor Colin Harvey

Professor of Law
School of Law


Viviane Gravey

Dr Viviane Gravey

School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics


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Research Activity

As an institution, Queen’s has a long-standing history of research into European integration, with our academics offering key insight into the work of several high-profile Brexit research projects.

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Read the University’s various statements and responses to the Brexit process and find practical information in related sites.

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To find out more about the Brexit-related research and expertise within our university, please visit our Brexit Expertise section and contact any of our academics. Alternatively, why not send an email to qpol@qub.ac.uk with your request.

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