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Informed by years of internationally-recognised research excellence, Queen’s on Brexit brings together leading academics from Queen’s University who can provide an authoritative voice on the Brexit process, the many policy areas affected by Brexit, and the subsequent impact on Northern Ireland, the island of Ireland, the UK and the EU-27.

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Still here: Brexit and human rights in Northern Ireland

October 2018 - The impact of Brexit on human rights and equality in Northern Ireland is gaining increased attention. This is welcome. The public conversation thus far has tended to focus on the implications for trade and the economy; the common commitment to avoiding a hard border is also well known, and exhaustively discussed.

Professor Colin Harvey
The UK in a Changing Europe

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A hard Brexit means a hard border – whatever Owen Paterson says

October 2018 - Owen Paterson, a former secretary of state for Northern Ireland, argued this week in the Guardian that the UK could leave the customs union, break free from EU rules, and still avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland.

Dr Katy Hayward
The Guardian

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Brexit will threaten the peace process and weaken human rights and equality

October 2018 - Professor Colin Harvey, Dr Amanda Kramer and Brian Gormally from Brexit Law NI speak to NVTV about their recent research which has found that Brexit will threaten the peace process and weaken human rights and equality protections in Northern Ireland.

Brexit Law NI
Norther Visions TV

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Constitutional uncertainty and political disputes will put Green Brexit at risk

October 2018 - A research study from Queen’s University Belfast has found that a Green Brexit could be under threat without greater cooperation between devolved nations and the UK government.

Dr Viviane Gravey
The UK in a Changing Europe

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Researchers find that Brexit will threaten the peace process and weaken human rights and equality

September 2018 - A major new research study launched today at Queen’s by researchers from BrexitLawNI has found that Brexit will have detrimental consequences for the peace process in Northern Ireland and will weaken human rights and equality protections.


Brexit Expertise

Professor David Phinnemore

Professor David Phinnemore

Professor of European Politics
School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics

Professor Dagmar Schiek, school of law

Professor Dagmar Schiek

Professor of Law
School of Law

Professor Lee Magowan, School of history, anthropology, philosophy and politics

Professor Lee McGowan

Professor of Contemporary European Politics
School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics


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Research Activity

As an institution, Queen’s has a long-standing history of research into European integration, with our academics offering key insight into the work of several high-profile Brexit research projects.

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