Reports and Briefing papers

► Brexit and the Irish Border: Legal and Political Questions by Professor Gordon Anthony

► The Good Friday Agreement, Brexit, and Rights by Professor Christopher McCrudden

► Brexit and the environment: Challenges and opportunities for the UK and Northern Ireland by Dr Viviane Gravey 

► Brexit and Pharmaceuticals’ Regulation: Optimising the UK’s post-Brexit influence in global standards-setting by Dr Mark Flear 

► Northern Ireland and 'Brexit': the European Economic Area Option 

► Making Brexit work for Children with contributions from Prof Laura Lundy 

► UK Withdrawal ('Brexit') and the Good Friday Agreement by Dr Katy Hayward and Professor David Phinnemore

Upon request by the AFCO Committee, the Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs commissioned this study on UK withdrawal and the Good Friday Agreement (the ‘Agreement’).

It provides an overview of the Agreement and an assessment of the potential challenges posed to its implementation by ‘Brexit’.

In particular, it examines ways in which – through differentiation and ‘flexible and imaginative solutions’ – the Agreement can be upheld and the context for its effective implementation maintained.


 Bordering on Brexit Report

Research report by Queen’s University Belfast and the Irish Central Border Area Network (ICBAN) on the effect of Brexit on the local communities in the central border region of Ireland/Northern Ireland.

The research was led by Dr Katy Hayward, from the Centre for International Borders Research at Queen’s.

The report, based on survey and focus group data from a study conducted in the summer of 2017, presents eight core findings that are highly relevant to the current stage of the Brexit negotiations.

The study incorporated responses from across the eight local authority areas of the Central Border Region including:

• Armagh City
• Banbridge and Craigavon
• Cavan
• Donegal
• Fermanagh and Omagh
• Leitrim
• Mid Ulster
• Monaghan and Sligo

Bordering on Brexit Full Report (PDF)

Bordering on Brexit Executive Summary (PDF)

► UK Post-Brexit trade agreements and devolution, Billy Melo-Araujo (CELTS online papers)