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The sources used for the UK pages of the Observatory include various issues of Hansard, Dod's Parliamentary Companion, Whitaker's Almanack, Who's Who and Who was Who, as well as information provided by the House of Lords Information Office and Library. The election figures come from the Political Reference Publications edited by F.W.S. Craig: British Parliamentary Election Statistics: 1918-1968 (Glasgow, 1968); British Parliamentary Election Results 1918-1949 (Chichester, 1983, 3rd edn.); British Parliamentary Election Results 1950-1973 (Chichester, 1983, 2nd edn.); and British Parliamentary Election Results 1974-1983 (Chichester, 1984).

For the Irish pages we have consulted John Coakley and Michael Gallagher (eds.), Politics in the Republic of Ireland (London, 1999), W.J. Flynn (ed.) the Free State Parliamentary Companion (Dublin, 1932), Brian M. Walker (ed.), Parliamentary Election Results in Ireland 1918-1992 (Dublin, 1992), Ted Nealon (ed.), Nealon's Guide to the 28th Dáil & Seanad (Dublin, 1997); Elections '99: All Kinds of Everything (Dublin, 1999), Sean Donnelly (ed.); Peter Humphreys, Eileen Drew and Candy Murphy, Gender Equality in the Civil Sewrvice (1999); and Maedhbh McNamara and Paschal Mooney, Women in Parliament, Ireland: 1918-2000 (Dublin, 2000). Information has also been gathered from enquiries to local councils and party offices.

Information on the devolved bodies has come from their respective websites and Sydney Elliott (ed.), Northern Ireland Parliamentary Election Results 1921-1972 (Chichester, 1973). Information on the judiciary and local government has come from the relevant court service and council offices and websites.

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