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Northern Ireland local election results for women - added 28th June 2001,
updated 6th July 2001.
The voters of Northern Ireland not only chose a record three women MPs on 7 June 2001 but after the votes were counted the following week a record number of women had also been elected to the city, borough and district councils. ... [more]

Election Results - added 22nd June 2001
The overall results of the 2001 general election left party standings in the House of Commons largely unchanged, and so too there was little movement in the number of women MPs ... [more]

Cabinet shuffle sees record number of women promoted - added 21st June 2001
Following widespread criticism of the low profile given to Labour's women ministers in the campaign, it was thus a very welcome development that the subsequent cabinet shuffle saw an increase in women's presence at the highest levels ... [more]

Veteran campaigners - added 4th June 2001
Historically most women MPs have not been elected on their first attempt to enter parliament, and a number of the women candidates at this election are hoping that their persistence may finally be rewarded... [more]

All Women Contests - added 1st June 2001
There are five constituencies throughout the UK in which the three major parties are all fielding women candidates, though in only one is there much uncertainty as to the contest's outcome... [more]

Women in Northern Ireland at the General Election - added 24th May 2001
This year's general election may witness a historical breakthrough for women in Northern Ireland and has already witnessed a historically high number of women candidates among the major parties... [more]

Women in the UK General Election 2001 - added 18th May 2001
The process of chosing candidates to contest the general election on June 7th is almost complete. With the figures available to date, we have composed a profile of the women candidates standing in this election... [more]

Family connections in the election - added 11th May 2001
In the early years of women's membership of parliament a common political career path was succession of a male political relative: half of the first twenty women in the Commons had been preceeded by a father or husband... [more]



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