Group Belfast-Chennai-Dublin-Pondicherry

The girls from O'Devaney (Dublin) visit Queens University to discuss the project with the students from Queens (Belfast)

Project Topic: The Power of Images. Stereotyping and Emotional Dynamics
Moderators: Dr. Maruska Svasek, Dr. Kala Shreen, Dr. Chellaperumal and Mr. OConnor
Timing: Autumn 2008

Project Outline
The participants will
1.choose a stereotypical image they are sometimes/often confronted with,
2. make a two- or three dimensional visual work that replicates the stereotypical image but   also criticises/undermines/inverts it, by changing it, adding other images, objects or texts,
3. write a 1,000 word explanatory text, pointing out why they selected a particular stereotype and explaining their working procedures,

The texts and digital images of the works will be published on the CDEN website in four virtual exhibitions. This will allow participants in the different locations to view and discuss their own and other students’ works, and do comparative analyses.

Modules/Groups involved