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A Movement
in the Dark

An undergraduate music student working on the first very CETL project, Neil Harrison began to photograph the work of the CETL and has continued to do so throughout the life of the project.

He has recently launched his professional photographic company Neil Harrison Photography. This is his story and the story of a project which has touched the lives of hundreds of students, which has challenged conventional thinking and which, above all, has been an adventure. Doctors dancing, balloon launches, performances in libraries, gaols and old police stations, blindfolded audiences and other oddities and innovations have all been part of this journey.

And every step of the way Neil has been there with his camera.

A Movement in the Dark is an exhibition of this work throughout the years showing at the Naughton Gallery in July 2010. Once the exhibition is disassembled, the photographs are hung in various locations in Queen’s as a photographic legacy of the CETL project.