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Are You Coming
Out To Play? - Year 2

20 first year students from across the University volunteer on a six-week once-a-week course on collaborative creative play as part of the Degree plus programme.

The course was about developing participants' own personal confidence and "performing" skills (the sort of presentation skills that would be very useful in a range of contexts) involving games, exercises and strategies that were challenging, interesting and playful.

The aim was to develop participants' confidence, ability to work under time pressure, ability to work collaboratively, negotiate a group dynamic, innovate, imagine, explore, present, focus etc - the course explored the potential of creative collaborative play to create graduates with transferable skills who are competent and confident in the workplace and in the world in general.

The project was designed with the potential to be developed into a larger ongoing programme that could impact upon Student engagement First year retention Employability skills PDP’s and Degree plus.