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by Tim McCarthy
Tim McCarthy
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Martin Nsiah
Martin Nsiah





Different Drums
of Ireland

Different Drums brings together the indigenous drums of Ireland - the Lambeg, the Bodhran and a new drum of their own design, the Long Drum. They also feature the pipes of Ulster, the Uilleann or elbow pipes, the Scottish small pipes and the Highland bagpipes. All this along with whistles, guitar, other small percussion instruments and original and traditional songs come together to make a unique and exciting sound the like of which has never been heard before.

Since their formation in 1992 Different Drums have played at festivals and concerts all over Ireland and appeared on BBC TV, UTV, RTE and Radio Ulster. The band toured the USA and on St Patrick’s Day performed for President Clinton at the White House.

Different Drums’ CETL residency was integrally involved in the teaching and delivery of the ethnomusicology module “Performance, Power and Passion” providing a unique and inspiring practical element to the study of how the musical elements are implicated in the culturally specific modes of sociality they promote. The residency culminated in a performance at THE BIG BANG, the QUB Ethnomusicology Ensembles winter concert 2005.