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Fast and Loose 1

Five Writers
Four Directors
Four Suitcases
32 Hours

FAST AND LOOSE was based on an intensive model of creating short pieces of new writing experienced by former MA/PhD Creative Writing student Emily DeDakis at The Sacred Fools Theatre, an independent theatre in East Hollywood, LA, where she had formerly been living.

On a Friday lunchtime, four suitcases containing various objects were given to five writers. By the Saturday morning they produced four 7-minute pieces inspired by these objects. The scripts were mentored through visits during the late evening from Tim Loane (creator of Channel 4’s TEACHERS) and Michael Duke (playwright and Artistic Director of Tinderbox Theatre Co). These scripts were then passed to a team of professional directors and student performers who created an informal performance.


By Lisa Keogh and Scott Gilmore
Director: Jonathan Harden
Stage Manager: Sara Walsh
Cast: Sam Bowman, Kate Guelke, Olivia Owens, Charlie Baston

by Samantha McCaffrey
Director: Jackie Doyle
Assistant Director: Quin Golding
Stage Manager: Emily Dedakis
Cast: Cassie Cushman, Emily Dedakis, Patrick Wilkinson

By Maggie Martin
Director: Richard Croxford
Assistant Director: Patrick Sanders
Stage Manager: Dave Hayes
Cast: Hanna Cummings, Laura Harrison, Teresa Hill, Kathryn McCartin

by Stephen Bleakney
Director: Lisa May
Assistant Director: Richard Lavery
Stage Manager: Lizzie Wallace
Cast: Patrick Hughes, Abby Judd, Jack Wallace

Preparatory writing workshops: Hanna Slattne & Daragh Carville

Visiting script consultants: Michael Duke & Tim Loane

Technical Support: Ross McDade