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Johannes Birringer

Johannes Birringer is an internationally renowned practitioner, researcher and educationlist in the field of performance technologies.

Recent work includes “See you in Walhalla,” a distributed live performance game connecting three cities – Amsterdam, Athens and Sofia. This multi-media dance/theatre project, collaboratively created by artists and designers from four different European partner sites in Greece, The Netherlands, Germany and Bulgaria, presented the unusual journey of a video game “avatar” through a haunted urban industrial landscape composed of digital fragments from the spectacle of Europe. The audience in Athens witnessed the exciting premiere of the first live 3D computer game enacted by three dis/located performers simultaneously, with one playing the “avatar” on location in Athens, while two were streamed via web-cams into the game but are located in Amsterdam and Sofia respectively, and watched by local audiences in those cities.

His residency at Queen’s working with students drawn from Music Technology, Sonic Arts and Drama was targeted at the exploration of links between movement and sound, culminating in a performance/installation THE CUBE by the students at the Sonic Arts Research Centre.