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Stephen Mottram & Sebastian Castagna

Stephen Mottram &
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Klipp av

klipp av is swedish for “cut apart” and the adopted name of an audiovisual laptop duo who specialise in modality synchronized source manipulation. Algorithms twist and turn in music and graphics, each informing the other. Everything is generated live with programme code and mappings being manipulated on-the-fly.

klipp av have been exploring an audiovisual link-up since 2003 and have performed in eight different countries, including gigs in Tokyo, New York, London, Helsinki, Berlin and Amsterdam.

A student audience at SARC witnessed live video getting scratched and cut up exactly in sync with the algorithmic audio cutters running in the music: stutters in sound translating into stutters in video. As well as the performers themselves providing audio samples and dancing frantically for the cameras, more subtle and abstract mappings were also used and workshops following the performances allowed further demonstrations of the techniques through control of generative 3d graphics.

In addition to further workshops in 2006, students have become independently involved in discussion with klipp av regarding a live performance at a club night in the city!