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Sebastian Castagna
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Stephen Mottram &
Sebastian Castagna

Stephen Mottram is one of the leading puppeteers working in the UK and Ireland. His work has been showcased at numerous festivals in the UK and overseas. He is renowned for his work combining both conventional puppets and animata (robotic puppets) with electro-acoustic music in innovative ways in an attempt to find new performance contexts for both. The work is accessible with a haunting, contemporary edge. Performances are directed at adult audiences and are without text.

Sebastian Castagna was born in Buenos Aires and left Argentina first to live in Madrid and then in London where he is currently based. He gave up a career as a classical violinist to concentrate on sound composition and has written a wide range of music which has been performed across Europe and South America and won national and international prizes. Whilst working at the Norwich School of Art & Design, he created the MA in Animation and Sound Design, the first of its kind in the UK.

Stephen and Sebastian brought their ground-breaking show ORGANILLO to Belfast st Festival 2005 and then worked with a number of composers on the BSc and MA pathways to develop short pieces of work combining music and visuals for public performance in June 2006 at SARC.