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Research News  and Recent Publications


1.  Understanding the properties and characteristics of multiphase interfaces
     - advanced engineering through fundamental understanding of reactors and reactions.

     1.1 Solvent effects in liquid phase heterogeneous catalysis

     1.2 Structural studies of mixed solvents

     1.3 Studying the adsorption of liquids on catalysts using Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) spectroscopy

     1.4 Modelling the interaction between liquids and solid surfaces

2.  Catalytic processing of complex bio-feedstocks.

     2.1 Conversion of lignin into high value products

3.  Capturing and storing renewable energy.

     3.1  Storing energy

     3.2  A mixed homogeneous-heterogeneous catalytic system for the transesterification of sunflower oil with methanol

     3.3  Production of xylose sugars in high yield by acid-catalysed hydrolysis of bio-waste wood shavings


4.  Re-engineering catalyst manufacture to be pollution free.

     4.1 A novel concept for sustainable catalyst preparation

     4.2 Remarkable activity enhancement of ball-milled catalysts

5.  Selective transformations of molecules in the gas phase.

     5.1 Selective hydrogenation of ethyne

     5.2 Mechanistic studies on the Water Gas Shift reaction

     5.3 Fast transient spectroscopy using Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (DRIFTS)

     5.4 Temporal Analysis of Products Time of Flight (TAP-ToF) mass spectrometer reactor for fast transient kinetic studies

     5.5 An in situ spatially resolved method to probe gas phase reactions through a fixed bed catalyst

     5.6 Selective hydrogenation of acetylene in ethylene rich feed streams at high pressure over ligand modified PdTiO2