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A Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP) reactor, which comprises a fast transient pulse system with on-line mass spectrometric analysis and which is capable of providing mechanistic information on catalytic reactions with millisecond time resolution;

State-of-the-art equipment for the use of isotopic labelling to investigate catalytic reaction mechanisms;

State-of-the-art equipment for catalyst characterisation by chemical (chemisorption, thermal analysis) and physical means (surface area, pore size distributions);

A Bruker fast response Fourier Transfer Infrared spectrometer with in situ cell for investigating key surface intermediates on catalysts under real, dynamic conditions;

Powder X-ray diffractometer, with in situ cell for investigating the structure of catalysts and changes in structure under reaction conditions;

X-ray photoelectron spectrometer with environmental chamber, for investigating the surface composition of catalysts after treatment in a controlled atmosphere;

Three Fourier Transform NMR spectrometers (300 and 500 MHz) for analysis of products of complex organic reactions;

Two four-circle X-ray single crystal diffractometers (one with a CCD detector) for determining the crystal structure of new nano-materials and inorganic complexes with potential catalytic properties;

Raman spectrometer for in situ investigation of catalytic surfaces under reaction conditions;

Circular dichroism spectrometer, for analysis of complex mixtures;

Four mass spectrometers, including a double focussing instrument and two GC/mass spectrometers;

Ten continuous flow computer-controlled microreactors with on-line infrared gas analyser, mass spectrometer or gas chromatograph facilities;

Small and large autoclaves for measuring the kinetics of catalytic reactions at elevated pressures and temperatures;

The most modern facilities for laser-based spectroscopy, including nanosecond pulsed systems;

Off-line GC and HPLC with autosampler capabilities;

Catalytic reactor design for the understanding and scale up of catalytic reactions.